Solderdoodle Cordless 3D Print Finishing Tool Launches on Kickstarter

Isaac Porras grew up in San Jose, California and earned his Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in mechanical engineering from San Jose State University. 3D Printing 3d print finishing 3d print finishing tool 3d printing tools Isaac Porras kickstarter SolderDoodle It was his experience in his father’s sheet metal shop that taught... View the entire article via our website.

Achieving a Phenomenal Finish with Metallization

3E Rapid Prototyping

Prototype or end-use part, a well-applied metallized finish can be the difference between a successful part and an unsuccessful one. The process opens up new doors for engineers making electrical and mechanical components.

BHDA Finishing Tips and Techniques: Support and Nub Removal

Shapeways Blog

Starting as a maker material, BHDA was recently released to all shoppers because of its amazing detail, finish, durability, and color. However, it is possible to finish the surface to a smooth clean finish with minimal effort. Final Finishing Tools. ≥ Final Finishing Step.

Five Ways TriMech Can Be Your Backup Engineering Resource

Modern Tech

TriMech’s Project Engineering Group (PEG) is a flexible team of knowledgeable and experienced engineers with access to the latest tools in the market. No matter what stage of your engineering project you’re in, the PEG team is available. Engineering Services TriMech Services

Photo Ready: Finished 3D Printed Models

Studio Fathom

IoT security startup elarm was conceived between old Naval engineering buddies, Danny Pickford and Adam Rea, who were excited about newly available security technology that was becoming accessible to individual … Read More.

Motorcycle Madness: Revving Up for a Big Finish

The Solidworks Blog

With the reveal set for Saturday, June 8, the team is scrambling to finish up Ben’s motorcycle costume. Once final, hand painted details are finished up, the team will apply a clear coat to the finished parts.

How to Choose Injection Molding Surface Finishes and What are the Grades?

3D Printing Hub

Injection molded parts can have a variety of surface finishes. Plastic parts and parts made of other materials can be given various types of finishes for aesthetic or functional purposes. The choice of surface finish needs to be established very early in the design phase. Finish.

Introducing new metal finishes : Pink Gold, White Rhodium and Black Rhodium!


We’re launching three new precious metal finishes: pink gold, white rhodium and black rhodium! A while ago, we launched our brass and silver materials with different finishes. You previously had the choice between a rough and a mirror polished finishes.

The Race to the Additive Manufacturing Finish Line

The Solidworks Blog

Currently, there are a number of major players all competing to cross the additive manufacturing finish line and be deemed the top player of this $7.3 Twitter Facebook The post The Race to the Additive Manufacturing Finish Line appeared first on The SOLIDWORKS Blog.

Land vs. Sea: Kitesurf Boards with 3D Printed Parts Race a Honda Civic to the Finish

3D Printing Industry

As a part of the world’s first extreme sports engineering design course at the University of Wales, TSD Swansea, a team of designers was challenged to reconceptualize a kitesurfing board to beat out the University’s hybrid Honda Civic in a race across the Bristol Channel.

SOLIDWORKS Women In Engineering Series: Danielle Boyer

The Solidworks Blog

Benzene Bots underclassmen lead the design for the Oakland County Competitive Robotics Association (OCCRA) , and by utilizing CAD they were able to complete the 2017 design in one week, and finish the entire robot a week early in their six-week schedule. Danielle Boyer and EKGAR.

University Team Races to the Finish Line with 3D Printed Automotive Components

3D Design 3D Printing Metal 3D Printing 3D printed race car components 3D printed racecar components 3d printing automotive racing applications 3D printing case study case study Changsha University of Technology chinese university engineering students Farsoon Farsoon Technologies metal 3d printing nylon 3D printing racing titanium alloys

Reverse Engineering using an Artec 3D Scanner with SOLIDWORKS

Javelin Tech Tips

Discover the power of reverse engineering using an Artec 3D Scanner and SOLIDWORKS ! From fashion to medicine, art to aerospace, users in all sectors have discovered how to take advantage of applications like these: Reverse engineering. 3D Scanning Artec 3D Scanner Reverse Engineering

Artec 78

What engineers wanted to know about additive manufacturing in 2017

Leslie's Blog

e-Stage for Metal delivers significant time savings compared to manual support generation, including support design (up to 90%), support removal (up to 50%) and part finishing (up to 20%). The engineers at HP Inc.’s It’s the end of 2017. Retrospection is in vogue at this time.

Expert Engineering & 3D Printing


Service bureaus can do the same and also offer expertise across multiple additive and conventional technologies, manufacturing controls adhering to international standards and finishing services that deliver pristine, cosmetic parts.

Made in America – Surface Finishes (IL)

Design 2 Part News

Lapping, polishing, grinding, machining – Surface Finishes a Cabot Microelectronics company. Surface Finishes, Inc. Since 1949, Surface Finishes has pioneered the creation and application of industry-leading precision fabrication technology.

Chain Reaction Cycles Races to the Finish Line with 3D Printed Trophies for the Tour of Britain


As a title sponsor Chain Reaction Cycles presented the Chain Reaction Cycles Points Jersey, awarded to the most consistent finisher who had accumulated the most points at the end of each stage.

J750: Interview With A Senior Sales Engineer

Purple Platypus

As the world’s only full color multi-material high resolution 3D printer, the J750 gives users the opportunity to create prototypes that look, feel, and operate like finished products. Meet our Senior Sales Engineer, Mark Dewey.

Celebrating Canadian women in engineering and manufacturing [Part 1]

Javelin Tech Tips

Mechanical design skills + love of motorsports = a race car engineer driven to succeed. This post is the first in a series that will recognize some of the women we know in design, engineering, tech, and manufacturing. According to Engineers Canada, women account for only 12.8%

3D printable open source liquid fuel rocket engine

DIY 3D Printing

Graham Sortino from New Jersey developed and tested 3d printed rocket liquid fuel engine. The engine is controlled by Arduino Uno! The price is very low: 3d printed igniter costs some $60, the injector $80 and the rocket engine $260, for a total of just $400.

The Engineering of Paralympic Sports Technology

The Solidworks Blog

The Paralympics have become a fertile seedbed for engineering innovation. Engineering brains add brawn to wheelchair basketball. Fighter pilot engineers join wheelchair racing’s need for speed. of engineering services. The Paralympics: a hotbed of engineering innovation.

Successfully Manage Entire Engineering Teams from Any Location

The Solidworks Blog

What if you could start using engineering solutions today that have instant access to the data and all project-related communications from any location using any device? All that you need with cloud-based engineering solutions from Dassault Systèmes is an internet connection and a web browser.

PostProcess Achieves Milestones for Automated Surface Finishing of Complex Additive Manufactured Metal Parts

Additive Manufacturing

PostProcess Technologies has successfully delivered excellent surface finish standards and replicable results to an exacting requirement for complex metal parts with its automated Hybrid DECI Duo solution. Ioannis Hatziprokopiou, Mechanical Engineer.

3D Printing News Briefs: June 27, 2019

In today’s 3D Printing News Briefs, we’re starting with a couple of stories from the recent Paris Air Show: TUSAS Engine Industries has invested in GE Additive technology, and ARMOR. View the entire article via our website.

Hirtenberger’s Hirtisation Technology Brings Speed and Automation to Post-Processing

3D Printing Metal 3D Printing 3d print finishing automated post-processing Hirtenberger Engineered Surfaces HirtisationAs 3D printers become more advanced and capable of handling actual series production, there are still challenges that arise, and one of those is the necessity of post-processing. Removing supports. View the entire article via our website.

SOLIDWORKS Women in Engineering Series: Michelle Sherman

The Solidworks Blog

All in the family: It’s no surprise that Michelle is doing exceptionally well as a Mechanical Engineering student, as both her Father and Grand Dad have worked as Engineers. Because the school had offered engineering I got excited about it” Michelle recalls.

What’s The Recipe For A Great Engineer?

The Solidworks Blog

Great marketers know how to capture the imagination, but what’s the recipe for a great engineer? If you are considering a career in engineering, here are some of the skills you should hone up on and personality traits you should polish. A completer-finisher.

Engineers Rejoice: Nylon 3D Printing for CubePro

3D Systems

Engineers Rejoice: Nylon 3D Printing for CubePro Tuesday, August 18, 2015 - 14:14 We are thrilled to announce the immediate availability of Nylon as a core material for the CubePro desktop 3D printer.

GE Reports-These Engineers 3D Printed a Mini Jet Engine, Then Took it to 33,000 RPM

Additive Manufacturing

Consider it a jet engine for the Oompa-Loompas. GE engineers working on the future of aircraft manufacturing recently showed off some of their capabilities. They made a simple 3D-printed mini jet engine that roared at 33,000 rotations per minute ( see video ). By Michael Keller.

Gig ‘Em 2: The Summer’s Most Exciting Entrepreneurial Engineer

The Solidworks Blog

Last year, our Community and User Advocacy Manager, Rachel York, interviewed a mechanical engineering entrepreneur from Texas A&M University, who used SOLIDWORKS to help create his own business.

Texas 91

From Start to Finish, We’ve Got Product Development Covered at SOLIDWORKS World 2015

The Solidworks Blog

Simulation – Ask and answer important, complex engineering questions throughout the design process. SOLIDWORKS offers integrated and easy-to-use solutions for designing and developing innovative products.

SOLIDWORKS Women in Engineering Series: Jennifer Saucier-Sawyer

The Solidworks Blog

One of the things we usually ask the Women in Engineering that we feature each month is “Have you had any mentors or role models in your education or career”? Jenny’s advice for any young students who want to pursue a career in Engineering is to stick it out.

GE Jet Engines Will Power the Next Air Force One

Additive Manufacturing

Air Force has announced that Boeing’s next-generation 747-8 passenger jet, powered by GE engines , will replace the existing version of presidential plane popularly known as Air Force One. Image credit: Dave Subelack Top: A GEnx-1B engine at the Dubai Airshow. Future U.S.

Build Your Own Ultrasonic Acetone Mister For Smoothing Your 3D Prints

3D Printing 3d printing finishes engineer dog instructable instructables Ultrasonic Misting 3D Vapor Polisher vapor mistingWhen one sets out at first to begin the journey into 3D printing, it’s all about the equipment, the initial expense, and the potential learning curve regarding digital design, not to mention producing the... View the entire article via our website.

Mechanical Engineering Meets SOLIDWORKS Electrical Episode 2 – 2D Drawings

Javelin Tech Tips

Previously on Mechanical Engineering Meets SOLIDWORKS Electrical I discussed my project to design and build a new home theater. The finished 2D Design. The post Mechanical Engineering Meets SOLIDWORKS Electrical Episode 2 – 2D Drawings appeared first on The Javelin Blog.

Oerlikon and Hirtenberger Engineered Surfaces Collaborate to Accelerate Industrialization of AM Parts

Additive Manufacturing

Formnext, Frankfurt am Main, Germany – November 22, 2019 – Oerlikon AM , the additive manufacturing unit of global technology group Oerlikon , and Hirtenberger Engineered Services have entered into a strategic alliance to further industrialize series production and prototyped parts.

Some of the world’s leading architects, designers and engineers will be revealing the future of 3D

3D Printing Industry

Is it possible to use advanced additive manufacturing to finish the construction of the Sagrada Família? Applications architect engineer FutureCould you build a house on the moon with.

The Engineer Of 2045

Design 2 Part News

Through 12 years or more of school, students learn about engineering and design. What new skills will engineers need to develop in the next 30 years? The truth is that no one knows what products engineers will be creating, or what tools they will be using in 2045.

Ask An Engineer with Cathy Phan

3D Systems

Ask An Engineer with Cathy Phan Friday, October 24, 2014 - 10:23. Cathy Phan is a 3D Systems Process Engineer with 17 years’ experience in SLA printing. I love it because it has the best accuracy, the fastest build time and the most reliable finished parts. .

3D Printing a Small-Block V8 Engine | PART 1

Javelin Tech Tips

GM’s LS3 Engine is part of the company’s vast family of small-block V8’s. I’ve always wanted a V8 engine, but rather than spending over $7000 for one, I figured I’d 3D print one. These next few blogs will be a part-by-part account of the entire project from start to finish. However, I knew that modelling an engine assembly from scratch was going to take an unreasonable amount of time. 3D Printed LS3 Engine, courtesy of Eric Harrell.

DC 43

3D Printing Completes the Process for Professional Engineer


Patrick Logan is a professional engineer with 33 years experience in manufacturing products from Bicycles to Space Stations. He currently works with small and start-up companies as a consulting engineer, designing products for performance and manufacture.

DriveWorks Women in Engineering Day 2016

The Solidworks Blog

To celebrate National Women in Engineering Day 2016, DriveWorks have been finding out more about some of the inspirational women in our industry. Training Manager & Applications Engineer at Computer Aided Products Inc. Involvement in Engineering. Involvement in Engineering.

3D Printing a Small-Block V8 Engine | PART 3

Javelin Tech Tips

This is the third part of my 3D Printing a Small-Block V8 Engine Project using a Stratasys F123 Series 3D Printer. Part 2 – Initial Engine Assembly ». The next stages in the assembly process involved attaching all the external elements of the engine assembly. Eric’s designs included spots for small disc magnets on every external component, with the intention of quick removal and reattachment to show the insides of the engine block when its running.

DC 40