3D Printing and Global Cooperation to Create New Cost-Effective Field Kit for Disease Diagnosis


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How Did Lucy Really Die? Discussion Heats Up as Researchers Worldwide 3D Print Her Bones


I find the story of Lucy, the famous Australopithecus afarensis found in Ethiopia in 1974, to be utterly fascinating, as does most of the rest of the world. 3D Printing 3D Scanning 3d printed fossils 3D printed Lucy fossils 3d printing hominin bones 3d scanning fossils Africanfossils.org Australopithecus Ethiopia homo naledi morphosource University of Texas at Austin

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3D Printed Housings Help Track Vanishing Vultures


A bearded vulture flies in Ethiopia [Image: HawkWatch International]. 3D printed GPS housings. Read the whole entry. » » usage

Global collaboration to develop 3D printed field test kit to combat disease


In order to diagnose a deadly disease, researchers from South Australia, Texas and Ethiopia are collaborating with 3D printing technology to find pesky parasites. 3D Printing Applications

38-year-old Chinese man receives 3D printed titanium mandible implant after being shot in the face


Yet for one Chinese man who was shot in the face while working in Ethiopia, 3D printing recently helped provide him with nearly an entirely new face. 3D Printing Applications

3D printing may help solve the mysterious death of the worlds most famous human ancestor, Lucy


million years ago, an adult female specimen of Australopithecus afarensis – which could be one of the ancestors of modern man – died in what is now Ethiopia. But according to anthropologists from the University of Texas, who 3D scanned and 3D printed parts of her skeleton, she died after falling from a tall tree. And you can test their hypothesis yourself by 3D printing their STL files of Lucy – which have just been shared with the public. 3D Printing Applications