Understanding Plastic Part Design

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Plastic parts are now commonplace in consumer product design, and for good reason. For the engineering and design team at URB-E, it was a no brainier to utilize plastic components for the fenders and battery hub in order to ramp up its production.

Small example of 3d printing changing the traditional supply and sale chain of plastic stuff

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Basically, someone on internet said: I need this plastic replacement part, but it is incredibly expensive! Great post on BoingBoing illustrating disruptive potential to traditional supply chain by 3d printing technology.

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Working with plastics in 3D printing

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Plastics, whether in powder, filament, or pellet form, are one of the main material types used in 3D printing/ additive manufacturing (3DP/AM). As 3DP/AM matures, developers continue to explore plastic chemistries and capabilities to offer materials that rival more traditional versions.

3D Printing plastic applications

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Then you need to check out this short gallery on various 3d printing applications using plastic… What are you going to design? 3D Printing applications and examples If you can design it – you can print it! 3D Printing applications examples possibilities

This Pebble Watch is a Clear Example of Why 3D Printing Will Revolutionize Our Economy

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Who wants to pay $1000 to $2000 to be able to print out plastic little trinkets?”. Why would someone pay so much money for a machine to print out plastic trinkets?

Simplify the Material Selection Process When 3D Printing Plastic Parts

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Of the 114,000 thousand plastics recognized by the Society of Plastics Engineers , roughly 600 are used in 3D printing processes. For example, a 3D-printed part in ABS-like material will have similar, but not identical, properties to a molded ABS part.

Nylon Plastics Material Guide: PA11, PA12, PA12GB in SLS and MJF

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Shapeways offers several different nylon plastic materials: Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) PA12 known as Versatile Plastic , Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) PA11 , Multi Jet Fusion (MJF) PA12 , and Multi Jet Fusion (MJF) PA12 Glass Beads. Versatile Plastic).

PLASTICS TECH TIP: Configuration Integration (with video)


SOLIDWORKS Plastics gives you a little more flexibility than our other simulation tools with respect to simulation model management. This is a handy way to manage multiple Plastics analyses but you only have to manage one CAD file. If there''s no match, the Plastics tree is blank.

All About Acrylic Plastic

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A bullet-proof “glass” is an example of such an application. Some examples of this modification are listed below: Methacrylic acid is used as a comonomer to increase the transition temperature, making the resulting acrylic suitable for high-temperature environments such as lighting applications. Plasticizers are used as additives to improve impact resistance, lower glass transition temperature, or enhance processing properties.

What is plastic made from?

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Plastic is a material that every single person on this planet uses. Plastic is economical to produce and is not a scarce resource. Plastic solved the issue of scarcity of such resources. Plastics are light in weight and demonstrate varying degrees of physical strength depending on the type of plastic. Plastics are made from the raw material called hydrocarbons. These chains form the plastic material that we know of today. Natural Plastics.

10 Examples of How 3D Printing Is Changing Consumer Products: Meet 10 3D Printing Experts and Their Dreams


In this post, we show you some examples of how 3D printing is changing our everyday consumer products. Another example that follows this this path is the Belgian start-up Twikit. Peter Donders is another prime example of someone working with the limitlessness of 3D printing.

SABIC Wins Two European Plastics innovation Awards

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September 27, 2017 — SABIC has been named winner in two categories at the 2017 European Plastics Innovation Awards ceremony organized by the Society of Plastics Engineers ( SPE ) and trade association PlasticsEurope in Brussels on Monday (Sept 18).

All About Nylon (PA) Plastic

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One example of such use is nylon in the engine compartment of vehicles. Nylon may not be the most slippery of all the plastics commercially available, but it is still good enough to be used with parts where there is a lot of wear and movement. Nylon can also be mixed and combined with other engineering plastics. Production costs can also be kept low as nylon is one of the cheapest plastics available commercially. Nylon (PA) is a silky thermoplastic material.

The future is still plastics; maybe more than ever

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In the 1967 movie “The Graduate,” the title character got this career advice: just one word…plastics. Plastic keeps evolving, gaining new properties and new uses. Count on finding more plastic in vehicles. The process doesn’t work if the plastic has exploded or broken to bits.

All About Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) Plastic

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Interestingly, it is a plastic commodity which uses one of the least amounts of non-renewable fossil fuel. The flexible version is known as plasticized polymer because it is made by adding various additives such as phthalates and other plasticizers. Addition of these plasticizers makes the polyvinyl chloride softer and increases its ability to bend. Goodrich Company found a way to blend PVC with various additives and plasticize it.

Troubleshooting Short Shot Injection Molding Defects with SOLIDWORKS Plastics

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When the plastic material does not completely fill the mold cavity during the injection molding process, this phenomenon is called a Short or Short Shot. An example is shown in the SOLIDWORKS Plastics simulation results video below: Causes of Short Shot. What is a Short Shot?

SolidWorks Plastics:Insert molding

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SolidWorks Plastics brings easy-to-use injection molding simulation directly to the designers of plastic parts and injection molds, as well as advanced CAE analysis. Come to think of it there are many such examples in our day to day lives.

Comparing Methods for Plastics Assembly

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Engineers have myriad options for joining plastic parts. There are quite a few options for welding plastic parts, including ultrasonics, laser, hot plate and radio frequency. Engineers should choose a fastener designed specifically for plastics.

10 Stunning 3D Prints in Polyamide (Nylon Plastic)


Since this nylon plastic comes in 26 different finishes and can be used so universally, we thought it was about time to pay attention to some of its outstanding designs. This is a great example of another upside of Polyamide: printing moving and interlocking parts in one go isn’t a problem!

3D Printing resolution on plastic: the complete Q&A


For this post we will focus on our plastic material which utilizes Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) technology. Let’s take an example: you are designing an object with a Z dimensions of 2.675 cm and you want to get it 3D printed on 100 microns printer. Here you can enter the dimension you want to check (for example 1.234): mm. The post 3D Printing resolution on plastic: the complete Q&A appeared first on Sculpteo Blog.

New Techniques for Joining Plastic to Metal

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Engineering plastics and carbon-fiber composites are popular choices, but they create challenges when they have to be joined to dissimilar materials, such as aluminum, magnesium, stainless steel or titanium. However, when joining plastic parts to metal parts, options are few.

ColorFabb LW-PLA Expanding Foaming Plastic Filament for 3D Printing - Part 1 Testing and experimentation


This means smoothing out the changes in print acceleration, for example inner and outer perimeter should be similar, infill and even small islands need to be closer to all other printing speeds, rather than very fast or very slow as you may have them when printing PLA.

Guide to the Most Common Types of Plastic

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By now, we are willing to bet that most of our readers have a better than average familiarity with different types of plastics. From the more popular ABS and PLA to the slightly more exotic PETG and HIPS , plastics have become a definitive part of 3D printing and other popular hobbies. With their low cost and ease of manufacturing, plastics have replaced more traditional materials in various industries such as packaging, plumbing, medical devices, automobiles, furniture, and toys.

Amphora May Revolutionize 3D Printed Plastics


At this year’s 3D Printshow in London the most important item seen, in our opinion, was the launch of ColorFabb’s Amphora line of plastic filament. Plastics used for 3D printing were in fact, leftover plastics, designed for other purposes that had nothing to do with 3D printing.

Announcing Frosted Extreme Detail (or FXD), our highest resolution 3D printed plastic ever

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Example of painted Frosted Extreme Detail, a finish many designers like to do themselves after receiving the prints. Destination Moon by Max Grueter. Today we are excited to announce our newest material, Frosted Extreme Detail !

New Techniques for Joining Plastic to Metal

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Engineering plastics and carbon-fiber composites are popular choices, but they create challenges when they have to be joined to dissimilar materials, such as aluminum, magnesium, stainless steel or titanium. However, when joining plastic parts to metal parts, options are few.

Are You Ready for an All-Plastic Automotive Engine?

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A rendering of the Polimotor 2 all-plastic, composite-based engine. That wouldn’t be the case today, he said, because a much higher level of competence in plastics and composites technology is readily accessible. Image courtesy of Solvay Engineering Plastics/Composite Castings.

Teacher Cleans Up Tasmania's Coastlines One Bit of 3D Printing Filament at a Time


While they may be the most obvious examples, it isn’t just plastic bags and bottles that clog the oceans and endanger marine life. There are also microbeads, those little plastic granules in. 3D Printing 3D Printing Materials 3d printer filament from recycled plastic 3d printing sustainably Huon Aquaculture Marcos Gogolin recycled 3d printer filament recycled filament recycled plastic Tasmania TasTAFE

Ambix Injects Precision into Plastic Parts with Integrated Mold-filling Simulation

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Almost everywhere you look in today’s world, you see consumer products made out of plastic. Even with so much plastic being used, most people do not realize what it takes to make this type of merchandise: expensive equipment with intricate parts.

How to Replace Metal with Thermoplastics

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Have you ever considered replacing your metal parts with plastic parts? It could be a viable option especially when it comes to the flexibility of manufacture, faster production cycle times, and cost-effectiveness of replacing metal parts with plastic parts.

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Moldmakers: Design and Produce Tools Faster (webcast)

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Daren Beeson from Siemens will then share examples of how tool shops have conquered the complexity of tooling design and production in. Presentations Slideshow Design Digital Engineer injection molding Manufacturing mold design moldmaker plastics Siemens Software tool design Webcast WebinarHow can moldmakers better manage processes to meet delivery dates, without hurting profitability?

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Design Tips for Working More Effectively with Plastics

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By Michael Busker, Minnesota Rubber and Plastics, Design-2-Part Magazine. Every engineer’s aim when designing with plastic is to achieve a technically good design that functions well and that can be manufactured cost effectively. Today’s high performance plastics make possible even the most complex designs with demanding performance requirements. Photo courtesy of Minnesota Rubber and Plastics. When Your Material of Choice is Plastic.

A Versatile, Flexible Plastics Process That You May Never…

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“A Versatile, Flexible Plastics Process That You May Never Have Heard Of “ By Design-2-Part Magazine. These pliers are an example of how the dip coating process can be applied to hand tool handles.

How to setup different gates in SOLIDWORKS Plastics

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For example, you can use a split face, an extrude, or even model the whole runner and gate system. In the realm of injection molded parts, different shape and size gates and runners have to be used for parts that are either cylindrical, prismatic, or family of parts.

Slic3r - Advanced perimeter tuning - 3D Printing tutorial


This tutorial provides an example of how to change and optimise perimeter widths, to make the most of part strength or surface finish. I''ll also give some examples of output Gcode and point out what to look for in selecting ''good'' 3D printing tool-paths. not enough examples?

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Polymer Guide: If you seek solvation

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More explanation here: ABS plastic & Solvents: 4 good ideas. Ninjaflex is a good example of a flexible polyurethane. The polar functional groups allow plastics to be solvated by polar solvents like acetone or MEK.

3D Printing Virtual Reality Products in MJF PA12

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Spaces loves Shapeways’ dimensional accuracy and durability and has used 3D printing –primarily the Multi Jet Fusion Plastic PA12 material – ever since first discovering the company. Part Two: Material Comparison: Nylon Plastics.