How To Schedule SOLIDWORKS PDM Standard Database Backups

Javelin Tech Tips

SET @sqlCommand = 'BACKUP DATABASE ' +@DBNAME+ ' TO DISK = '''+@BackupFile+ ''' WITH INIT, NAME= ''' +@BackupName+''', NOSKIP, NOFORMAT'. SET @sqlCommand = 'BACKUP DATABASE ' +@DBNAME+ ' TO DISK = '''+@BackupFile+ ''' WITH DIFFERENTIAL, INIT, NAME= ''' +@BackupName+''', NOSKIP, NOFORMAT'.

Temperature drop


Just as I had finished checking it, I knocked the thermistor leads with my thermocouple and it fell off. My extruder controller is working much better after I cured the motor noise problem. The 10 bit SAR ADC also seems to work better than the 16 bit sigma-delta version did. With the 16 bit one there was a lot of noise on the readings, even when the motor wasn''t running. I had to average over many samples to get a consistent reading which delayed the response.