How to Design Parts for CNC Machining by Adam Bender

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How To Install Threaded Inserts in 3D Printed Parts - Tutorial by 3D Printing World

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How to design 3d printable parts that don't need supports

DIY 3D Printing

Angus from Maker's Muse YouTube channel has created another great tutotrial on how to design parts that don't need supports. cad how to support material tutorial

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How to make big silicone molds from 3D printed objects

DIY 3D Printing

Volum3 from Romania made a tutorial on how to make large molds with several 3D printed parts acrylic plaster and silicone that can be used to cast relatively big objects from polyurethane foam. acrylic casting how to mold polyurethane silicone

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Detailed Guide On How To Build Ultimaker 2 Extended Clone

DIY 3D Printing

You really want to have an Ultimker 2+ Extended but don't have the money? Betrue3d site has a detailed guide on how to make an open source version with all the details you will need. Here is the link to the first post in the series: [link].

How to make great 3d printable headphones

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Shannon from Australia published this great tutorial on how to make easy DIY 3d printable earphones with cheap parts. australia cool things to 3d print diy how to music sound speakers

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Tutorial Tuesday 51: How To Create a Custom Pendant in Five Steps Using Fusion360

Shapeways Blog

What if you want to get started with 3D printing, but aren’t interested in plastic tchotchkes and want to make something you will actually keep? Step up your design game and learn to create a custom engraved bar pendant. Download your file and upload directly to Shapeways.

Tutorial on how to hide secrets inside.stl files by Angus

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Angus from Maker's Muse shows how to hide a printable geometry or entire objects inside a.stl file. cad design how to tutorial

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How to Use Wax to Make Your Parts Waterproof

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Instructables user Jubal117 developed this finishing method where he uses wax dipping to make a 3d printed part waterproof. Using a scalpel blade to remove excess wax Full tutorial can be found at: [link]. how to instructables liquid smoothing water wax

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How to make animated.GIF image from openSCAD model

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Les Hall created this tutorial on how to make animated.GIF images from openSCAD. cad guide how to OpenSCAD tutorial 3d printed prosthetic hand animated GIF exported from openSCAD.

How to smooth your PLA prints with domestic pipe cleaner

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3D Print Tips YT channel posted a video on how to use PVC pipe cleaner that is commercially available to vapor smooth PLA. 3d print quality acetone how to PLA polishing smoothing vapor

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How To Repair a Molten Extruder

DIY 3D Printing

GuruBrew had an extruder melt down and he made this extensive video guide on how to repair the damage. Here you can see the extruder gear bent out of axis due to heat melting it: extruder guide how to repair

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How to install simple and effective automatic bed leveling

DIY 3D Printing

GuruBrew has published this excellent video tutorial on how to make your own automatic print bed leveling. bed leveling calibration diy firmware guide how to i3 makerfarm prusa Marlin print bed prusa tutorial

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How to Make a PCB with Sharp Metal Rod Attachment

DIY 3D Printing

Here is a simple new method on how to make a PCB with your 3d printer. Video of the process: Very detailed step-by-step tutorial and.stl for the K8200 rod attachment (you will have to redesign it for other printers): [link] Metal rod attachment scraping away marker paint layer on a PCB.

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How to print with chocolate on your DIY 3d printer

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In this video he shows low-tech method to 3d print shapes from chocolate at your home. 3d printed food chocolate diy food how to video Jonathan Keep is well known for his Delta clay printer.

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Two Excellent Tutorials by Maker's Muse

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DIY 3D Printing: How to make flexible electronic circuits of.

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How to make flexible electronic circuits of conductive fabric circuits with Ninjaflex. Mikey77 is well known for his tutorial on how to 3d print an electronic circuit. Share to Twitter Share to Facebook Share to Pinterest. Subscribe To.

How to make translucent 3d printed parts transparent?

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This free webinar will teach you how to get 3d objects optically clean by polishing, buffing, photobleaching, sanding, clear coating and applying other techniques. It is focused on Stratasys VeroClear material but it can be applied on other surfaces to get better finish.

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How to Make Your SketchUp Files 3D Printable

Shapeways Blog

At Workbench Conference in Atlanta, Georgia, I and the Shapeways team rolled up our sleeves and got to use (or at least pose with) some impressive power tools. We also met dozens of makers using wood and metals to realize the most incredible projects.

How to use friction welding to repair and make 3d printed objects

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Here is a video on how to make a Buckyball from 3d printed hexagons: and video on how to repair 3d printed objects: Friction welding works with both PLA and ABS. Here are two video guides by youtube user Scorch on using a Dremel based DIY friction welder.

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How to friction weld plastic with filament and Dremel

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Electronhacks made this video to show production process of the 3d printed fan duct. Update 2: dremel filament how to PLA plastic welding video However it is also excellent demonstration of friction welding plastic with filament inserted into Dremel.

How to power your 3d printer with car battery

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James Bruton shows us how to use a car battery to power a 3d printer. This could be useful, even more so if you can attach some solar panels to the setup. He used his Lulzbot: 3d printing on battery power how to lulzbot

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How to build the cheapest DLP SLA 3d printer for under 500$ including projector

DIY 3D Printing

Here is the project description from the makers: How it works? A DLP projector is used to cure UV setting resin one layer at a time while a moving axis drops incrementally into the vat of resin. It uses a DLP projector rather than a laser to cure each layer. Kudos to you sir!

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How to setup ORD Solutions MH3000 liquid cooled 3d printer

DIY 3D Printing

Here is a detailed video guide on how to setup and put in function ORD Solutions MH3000 3d printer. guide how to ordsolutions problemsolving setup

How To Repair Broken Eyeglasses Frame with 3D Printing

DIY 3D Printing

To repair the frame is not easy and replacement is always costly. Matias Mamone published his tutorial on Instructables featuring a easy step-by-step process how to design the broken part and 3d print it to make a solid bridge to fix the frame.

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How to fit nuts and bolts into 3d printed parts with heat

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The is no problem that can not be solved by applying some force to it :-) Thnx Kris S for sharing it! how to problemsolving screw Here is a short video showing the process of fitting a nut and threaded rod into a 3d printed part that doesn''t fit.

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How to create mold for rubber objects with 3d printing

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Rachel Yalisove created great step-by-step tutorial on Instructables on how to create 3d printed mold for rubber objects. casting how to instructables mold rubber

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How to make 3d printable Daft Punk helmet

DIY 3D Printing

but if you are a fan, more power to you! adafruit art diy electronics how to led music pop culture Adafruit people have published a new project. It''s a functional, 3d printed in PLA, blinky-LED strips-robot helmet usually worn by some guys who call themselves Daft Punk.

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How to repair older version of Printrbot metal heat bed

DIY 3D Printing

If you have a problem with some older versions of Printrbot metal heated print bed, Brook demonstrates how to fix it. It looks simple and easy to do even if you are not so experienced. brook drumm how to print bed Printrbot problemsolving repair

How to embed electronic components into small objects during 3d printing

DIY 3D Printing

Jason Brownstein published a detailed tutorial on how to embed electronic components into 3d printed objects as they are being printed. diy electronics guide how to lego

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How to install the Sainsmart Smart 2004 LCD Controller

DIY 3D Printing

Jaidyn Edwards shows how to connect on Sainsmart Smart 2004 LCD Controller to a 3d printer. You can easy connect it to your 3d printers board using the "smart adapter" included. feature=watch Here is link to Sainsmart Smart LCD 2004, it is priced at 43 USD: [link].

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How to remotly control ATX power supply modes with Raspberry Pi and OctoPrint

DIY 3D Printing

Standard ATX power supply unites are widely used to give electricity to 3d printers. The hack is easy to perform even by novice users, you need do use some code and conect some wires from Raspberry Pi GPIOs to ATX wiring.

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How to upgrade early Printrbot Simple from fishing line to belt drive

DIY 3D Printing

If you own an early version of wooden Printrbot Simple from 2013 / 2014 that is powered by Kevlar fishing line you may want to upgrade it to belt drive. diy how to kevlar Printrbot upgrade wood frame 3d printer

How to make cheap Oculus Rift DK1 clone with help of your 3D printer

DIY 3D Printing

It is relatively easy to make and will cost you around 150 USD. Main components: Arduino Mini Pro GY-85 9DOF IMU USB to TTL Converter 5.6” 3d display arduino diy eyewear google glass how to instructables virtual reality VR wearable

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How to design 3d printable eyeglasses with Blender and free pince-nez library

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There have been some guides on 3d printing DIY eyeglasses in the past but Jenny made a dedicated Blender library that will enable you to create high quality 3d printable frames from SVG (scalable vector graphics) images of commercial glass frames.

How to cast pewter metal objects in 3d printed molds

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Here are two examples and guides on how to cast pewter metal parts in 3d printed molds.

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How to Get Started with 3D Modeling: An Interview with 3D Modeling Expert Jonathan Williamson


Or how long it will take you before you can make your first 3D model? And what you should do when you are staring at a blank screen with no idea what to do next? 3D modeling is omnipresent in today’s world and it is only going to grow as a sought-after skill.