What is selective deposition lamination?

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The ASTM standards organization has a definition for sheet lamination– an additive manufacturing process in which sheets of material are bonded to form an object. 3D printing /additive manufacturing continues to evolve, so there are several variations on lamination.

Best Laminators of 2018

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Once you’ve decided to buy a laminating machine it’s time to explore your options. I’ve looked over dozens of laminators to save you the trouble. Cold lamination option and 3-5 mil lamination pouches. Auto functions and high-quality lamination.

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UL introduces Blue Card for global recognition of 3D printing materials

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This card, also known as the Plastics for Additive Manufacturing Program, has been introduced by UL to help materials manufacturers reach their potential customers. Materials Binder Jetting Blue Card Material Extrusion material jetting Plastics for Additive Manufacturing Program powder bed fusion Prospector Sheet Lamination UL UL iQ Underwriters Laboratories vat polymerization

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Getting to Know the Selective Deposition Lamination Method of 3D Printing

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If you are of the opinion that 3D printing is the realm of extruded plastics or jetted polymers, you should invest a few minutes to discover a new dimension to 3D printing: paper.

All About Acrylic Plastic

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It is often used as a laminated layer over Polycarbonate (PC). Plasticizers are used as additives to improve impact resistance, lower glass transition temperature, or enhance processing properties. Electrical : Plastic optical fiber used for short-range communication is made from PMMA or Acrylic plastic. Hence, CNC machines are a good fit with acrylic plastics. Acrylic is not the strongest plastic and is actually quite brittle.

New Automatic Waste Removal Feature Doubles Speed, Cuts Post Processing for Mcor Full-Color 3D Printing


The Irish manufacturer’s 3D printers print not with plastic, not with metal but with paper, yet their parts are stronger. 3D Printers 3D Printing 3D Software 3D printing post processing Automatic Waste Removal AWR mcor Mcor ARKe post processing selective deposition laminationOne of the most unique 3D printing companies in the industry is Mcor. View the entire article via our website.


7 news ways you’ll 3D print parts in 2017

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uses chemicals to control thermal properties of plastics for parts. At the two major 3D printing conferences this year, AMUG and RAPID, companies introduced new ways to additively make parts. Some of these new 3D printing technologies are available now. By next year, all will be available.

7 news ways you’ll 3D print parts in 2017

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uses chemicals to control thermal properties of plastics for parts. At the two major 3D printing conferences this year, AMUG and RAPID, companies introduced new ways to additively make parts. Some of these new 3D printing technologies are available now. By next year, all will be available.

With 3D printing materials, knowledge is power

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You cant get the same thinness in injection molding because the plastic wont flow properly. Exposure to temperature in a build alters a plastics properties, reducing material predictability. The third party plastics side is very hard.

Glass 3D Print build surfaces - are not all the same - and a solution for PETG


BuildTak is another good sheeting material, and for some 3D Printing plastic's is simply too strong - NEVER, ever try to print with TPU materials onto BuildTak - there is a very good chance they will bond permanently to the sheet forever.

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Additive Manufacturing, 3D Printing and Subtractive Manufacturing: What’s the Difference?

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Sheet Lamination – This process is the reason why I said at the start “six or seven” types of additive manufacturing processes. So back to sheet lamination….

What Material Should I Use For 3D Printing? – Advanced Materials Review #2 – Taulman 618 and Taulman 645 Nylon

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an airtight container or sealed plastic bag, together with some silica gel bags) or even better, in a vacuum bag. Garolite (a US brand) is a synthetic resin bonded fabric – its European counterpart is branded Tufnol , as cotton/phenolic resin laminated plastic.

Four Key Takeaways from the Wohlers Report 2015


Many of the emerging 3D printing processes piggyback off of traditional manufacturing technologies, but one emerging process caught our eye: Sheet lamination 3D printing using ultrasonic welding.

Artist Robert Lazzarini Discusses CubePro in the Arts

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The very first models that I made used a technology called Laminated Object Manufacturing. I used the ABS plastic for its durability and spray my models with a gray sandable primer, which on the ABS, finished nicely.

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EOS Enters a Three-Year Technical Partnership with Williams

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Alumide is predominantly used to create stable parts for functional testing, ranging from engine ancillaries and complete gearbox assemblies for mock-ups to jigs and fixtures for laminate production.

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Made in America – HST Materials Inc. (IL)

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A large variety of dense and foam rubber, plastic and tape products are cut often same day using customer supplied DXF 2D CAD files. Slitting & Lamination. Custom molded rubber and plastic parts are produced in China with exceptional quality and competitive pricing.

What is Rapid Prototyping?

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Rapid prototyping first emerged in the scene in the late 1980s with the introduction of a technology called stereolithography, which is based on hardening of liquid plastic by exposing it to ultraviolet laser. Laminated object manufacturing, fused deposition modeling (FDM), and selective laser sintering (SLS) technologies were introduced in the later years.

Afinia H480 Review – Get Results Without Worrying About Technology

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The H480 comes with several options: FR-4 Board: the FR-4 board is a perforated, glass-reinforced epoxy laminate sheet. BuildTak is a thin, durable plastic sheet that provides an optimal printing surface for 3D objects to adhere to while being printed.

What is injection molding?

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Injection molding essentially involves injecting a melted plastic mixture into the cavity of a tightly held mold. The injected plastic is hot when injected and cools down to take the shape of the mold. The plastic material used for injecting is of two types. The thermosetting plastic cures permanently and then burns if you try to melt it again. Hence, once it is cured, a thermosetting plastic cannot be re-used. First, plastic is fed into the hopper.



It is surprising how different each plastic I try is. I have a bit of a routine now for getting my machine working with new plastics. The best material I have found for a bed is plastic laminated board.

RepRap: Blog: Like a glue gun on a robot arm.

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Its actually quite invigorating to see people attempting to make more challenging structures than stacks of 2D planar laminations, and weve seen people using repraps to do this before, but the Mataerial people seem to have it worked out pretty well. RepRap: Blog.

Do you speak properly about additive manufacturing? Take the 3D printing quiz!


A binder jetting B material extrusion C material jetting D powder bed fusion (PBF) E selective laser melting (SLM) F sheet lamination G vat photopolymerization Question 2 Which one of these terms is not a trademark? A Computer Numerical Control B A machine to cut woods or plastic C a type of 3D printer Question 4 Among these expressions, one is not the translation of "Additive manufacturing" in a foreign language A prodhim shtesë B ??????????? ??????? Dear reader.

PETG Filament: Properties, How to Use, and Best Brands

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PET is one of the most common plastics in the world today, and is being used for food containers, water bottles, and even clothing fibers. The addition of glycol results in plastic that is more durable, less brittle, clearer, and easier to use.

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Christmas Advent 3D Printing #Day 17 Advice for making reference test prints using a Polyalchemy Elixir sample pack


Above is my test set for checking, warp, de-lamination, flex, break and twist of a 3D print material. You should also be able to feel, the sort of plastic it is, hard, 'chewy' soft, stretchy.

MIT’s Future Shoe Can Transform Itself

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To create the Minimal Shoe, Guberan, Clopath, and Tibbits decided to 3D print extruded plastic—using fused deposition modeling—in programmed patterns onto stretched textiles. Interestingly, many other materials could be used to create active shoes instead of 3D-printed plastic.

How to Smooth PETG Prints

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PETG is a variant of Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET), which is one of the most common plastics in the world. Next to the ever-popular ABS and PLA filaments, PETG is probably the third most widely-used filament material in desktop 3D printing.

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Building ABS on a lasercut/fabbed Darwin

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I''ve fitted the ABS extruder to a Darwin to try my hand at testing out ABS, Imagin Plastics were kind enough to give me a 50m sample of 3mm ABS natural. I''ve found ABS to be generally the hardest plastic to work with.

Christmas Advent 3D Printing advice #Day 8 3D4M Facilan C8 and Pongostore PLA


It has many of the same properties of ABS and it's easier to print with, no warp or de-lamination. Yes, It's a strong and tough plastic (stronger than 'normal' PLA). I can't say, but 3D4Makers do state it's a 'friendly bio-plastic' blend.

Quick release bed


I used M3 threaded nylon stand-offs as insulated table legs and mounted it onto my XY-table using a sheet of 4mm aluminium / plastic laminate called Dibond. I am in the process of making a heated vacuum table to hopefully allow automatic ejection of finished objects.

9 Composites You Need to Know About Now

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At the show, Hexion also contributed materials and processing expertise that helped speed production and reduce weight in a 2016 JEC Innovation Award for an automotive decklid concept designed by Continental Structural Plastics. By Ann Thryft, Design News.

Sky Hook


I have even started stacking the baskets two deep to save on storage space for different colours of plastic. My first idea was to put an M8 bolt through the bearing and attach a plastic hook, but I didn''t have any bolts long enough, so I made some plastic parts instead.

AFRL – Embracing Opportunity: Additive Technology for Manufacturing

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Rapid prototyping was based on the premise that if an engineer had an idea and wanted to make a shape, they could visit a shop and ‘print’ the object, usually out of plastic by a printer. Additional powder-based processes made use of plastic flakes that were melted by a laser into a shape.

ABS on FR4


FR4 is the most common PCB material and is a glass fibre and epoxy resin laminate. The disadvantage is it is bright yellow, which makes it hard to see the white plastic on it. I have been printing both ABS and PLA on PET tape for more than a year now.

Stacking up


The bottom layer you can see in the picture is a plastic tray to catch the dust from milling. The next layer is a sacrificial piece of laminate flooring to support the PCB and prevent breakout when it is being drilled.

Guide to Unusual 3D Printing Materials


It is a mixture of plastic and 40-50% recycled wood chips. Printing Method: Printing by the lamination of consecutive layers of paper. If you’re interested in 3D printing and our manufacturing methods, you probably know about the most widely used 3D printing materials.

Christmas Advent 3D Printing #Day 18 Advice using E3D Acrylic (PMMA)


I used a 4mm brim on this small object, no warping or de-lamination. No :( They are generic plastic PS spools.

Christmas Advent 3D Printing advice #Day 7 Prusa Easy ABS and Filamentive RPLA


You can also print quite big with this ABS, some other ABS materials will warp and de-laminate badly with objects ~60+ mm wide Is it strong? - Yes, It's a strong plastic. ABS plastic is often used in many objects. No, :( It's on a generic virgin plastic reel.

LiPo Batteries: Storage & Safety

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Laminated into this film in an alternate pattern are the anode and cathode layers, commonly aluminum and copper. This folded matrix is then saturated with a solvent-based organic electrolyte, before it is enveloped in a soft plastic pouch and encased into the battery container. It is highly discouraged to use insulated travel packs for Li-Po storage, as these are commonly constructed using a combination of foam and plastic, which increase fire hazard.

3D Printing with Nylon 618 filament in Tie-Dye colours


Nylon has amazing self-bonding properties making any FFF (layer-by-layer) printed objects very strong and less prone to de-lamination. I''m sure you could wrap and bind the filament in all sorts of ways with rubber bands or plastic to get some really interesting and colourful effects.

SABIC Features Additive Manufacturing, Glazing and Carriage Interior Capabilities at APTA Expo 2017

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Also on display is a passenger rail car side window component constructed by Total Plastics, Intl. The sheet offers high impact resistance, with up to 70 times the impact resistance of laminated glass.

Mendel90 design improvements


Another advantage is with a constant flow rate the plug of plastic that forms at the hot end transition zone will be a constant length. This implies there is less plastic in the barrel, so an excess must have been extruded while the plug was shortening.

Best Bookshelf Speakers Under $200

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Normally a speaker is made out of plastic, which doesn’t feel premium in hand and should be avoided. However, you can buy a speaker with a plastic shell that has rubber trimmings, thus protecting the speaker from accidental falls and giving it a more premium feel.

On the right path


Having tried a cheap mini drill as a router and found it lacking I ordered a cheap laminate trimmer to try instead. I decided to see if I could use the first drill to mill a mount for the new one out of a block of hard plastic.