New MakerGear M3 3D Printer announced

3D Printing Industry

Ohio-based 3D printer manufacturer MakerGear has launched new products this weeks RAPID event. The MakerGear M3 Independent Dual Rev. 1 MakerGear RAPID TCT Rick Pollack Ultimaker1 3D printer is an upgrade on the company’s popular M3 printer, the M3-ID Rev. The new M3 comes with two new features, True Leveling and Auto Leveling. This capability is enabled by a touch probe that […].

MakerGear Unveils Newest Workhorse Desktop 3D Printers

If you’re at all familiar with desktop 3D printing, you’ll recognize a few names immediately; among these is MakerGear, which introduced the M2 3D printer back in 2012. 3D Printers 3D Printing desktop 3D printer m3 MakerGear MakerGear 3D printer MakerGear M3 Rick PollackThe M2 quickly. View the entire article via our website.

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Making MakerGear: Desktop 3D Printing with Professional Quality, Homegrown Values

MakerGear, founded in 2009, makes its home on the east side of Cleveland, creating and tweaking and constantly improving their top-ranked desktop 3D printer, the M2. 3D Printers 3D Printing Business Exclusive Interviews MakerGear MakerGear 3D printer makergear m2 Ohio Rick PollackConsistently rated high among. View the entire article via our website.

MakerGear's Ultra One Is Ultra!


MakerGear’s brand new Ultra One [Source: MakerGear]. MakerGear is now shipping a new 3D. Read the whole entry. » » printer

Local Manufacturing & Global Quality in Desktop 3D Printing -- A Few Questions For: MakerGear

Last week, I had the pleasure of visiting MakerGear’s HQ to see, in the immortal words of MTV’s Cribs, where the magic happens. Featured Stories 3d printing interview A Few Questions For Cleveland exclusive interview MakerGear MakerGear 3D printer makergear m2 Ohio Rick PollackThe magic in this case is in high-quality 3D printing at. View the entire article via our website.

Ohio-Based 3D Printing Companies Fabrisonic and MakerGear at RAPID + TCT

1 MakerGear MakerGear 3D printer MakerGear M3 mixed metal 3d printing nasa NASA Jet Propulsion Lab Ohio RAPID + TCT RAPID 2018 Rick Pollack sound waves UAM ultrasonic additive manufacturing upgradeAt last week’s RAPID + TCT in Fort Worth, Texas, was on the show floor checking out the latest innovations and new 3D printer releases, as well as attending press conferences and. View the entire article via our website.

MakerGear's New M3 3D Printer


The MakerGear M3 Rev 1 professional 3D printer (without enclosure). MakerGear announced some. Read the whole entry. » » printer

The MakerGear Ultra One 3D Printer


The MakerGear Ultra One 3D Printer [Source: Fabbaloo]. We had a closer look at. Read the whole entry. » » printer

3D Printing Blog APM Designs Releases Thorough, Comprehensive Guide to the MakerGear M2

3D Printers 3D Printing 3d printer advice 3d printing advice 3D printing blogs 3d printing guide 3d printing tips and tricks APM Designs MakerGear MakerGear 3D printer makergear m2Before the Internet emerged, you had few options if you were having trouble with an appliance or device. Things like VCRs (remember those?) or other electronics would come with instruction booklets. View the entire article via our website.

MakerGear Unveils M3 Independent Dual Rev. 1 3D Printer with Enclosure, and MakerGear Cloud Software at RAPID + TCT Event

Additive Manufacturing

Worth, TX, April 23, 2018 – MakerGear , developer and manufacturer of #1-rated 3D printers, today announced new products being unveiled at the RAPID + TCT Conference and Trade show ( Booth #310 ), which gets underway tomorrow at the Ft. 1 3D Printer (Photo courtesy of MakerGear).

RAPID Wrap-Up: 3Diligent, 3D Platform, MakerGear, gCreate Offer Sturdier, Bigger, Faster 3D Printing

3D Printers 3D Printing 3D Printing Materials Business Exclusive Interviews 3D Platform 3d printing interviews 3diligent Anna Lee buildtak Cullen Hilkene gcreate Gordon LaPlante HP Multi Jet Fusion MakerGear MakerGear M3 Metal X RAPID + TCT RAPID 2017 Rick Pollack3D printing has a lot of demands placed on it: customers want more options, faster, bigger, sturdier, more reliable. At RAPID, I had the opportunity to speak with some of the companies striving to.

The MakerGear M3 Desktop 3D Printer


The MakerGear M3 Independent Dual desktop 3D printer. MakerGear has introduced a terrific. Read the whole entry. » » printer

Reviewing the MakerGear M2 3D Printer

3D Printing Hub

With thousands of copies sold, MakerGear’s M2 has earned the right to be named as one of the top selling 3D printers worldwide. The MakerGear M2 Package. Whichever you choose, the M2 comes complete with: The MakerGear M2 Printer with V4 Hot end.

Veale Startup Week Introduces High School Students to 3D Printing and Entrepreneurship

3D Design 3D Printing Business 3d printing education Gilmour Academy MakerGear MakerGear 3D printer makergear m2 STEM education The Youngstown Business Incubator Veale Startup Week Veale Startup Week: The Business of 3D Printing Veale Youth Entrepreneurship Forum youngstown business incubatorI’m aware that I brag about my hometown a lot. I think that’s a natural thing, though, right?

Keep an Ear on Your Core Temperature with 3D Printed Earables

3D Design 3D Printing Science & Technology 3d printed wearables earables filaflex Filaflex 3D printing filament filaflex filament galinstan MakerGear makergear m2 recreus uc berkeley University of California at Berkeley wearable device wearable technology wearablesThe core temperature of the human body can reveal a number of things about a person’s health. The presence of a fever is the most obvious one, but changes in the core temperature can also.

Vicky Somma Presents Her Multi-Colored 3D Printed Aviary–Created on a Single Extruding MakerGear M2

The name Vicky Somma is becoming synonymous with 3D printing–and sincere, fun inspiration. She taught herself how to use a printer and then became a motivating force for others with her. View the entire article via our website. 3D Design 3D printed art 3D Printing 3d printed art 3D printed arts and crafts 3D printed aviary 3d printed birds etsy ryan somma Simplify3D vicky somma

3D printing news Sliced: Modix, CRP Technology, OpenAdditive, Florida Makes, Polymaker

3D Printing Industry

This week’s edition of Sliced, the 3D Printing Industry news digest features, the latest large scale 3D Printers from Modix, a new Windform FR1 Flame Retardant composite from CRP Technology, and new 3D printing facilities at the University of Salford.

IMTS goes the extra mile for STEAM education in Chicago

3D Printing Industry

Education Chicago Chicago Public Library GIE Media IMTS M4M Makerbot MakerGear Miles for Manufacturing Project SYNCERE STEAMThe Miles for Manufacturing (M4M) 5K race set up by the International Manufacturing Trade Show (IMTS) Chicago, and GIE Media, publishers of industry magazines, has.

Why Collaborative 3D Printing Is So Challenging


Independent dual extruders on a MakerGear 3D printer [Source: Fabbaloo]. Read the whole entry. » » ideas

Naval Team Creates Functional 3D Printed Part for Use in Fleet

3D Design 3D Printing 3D printed naval parts 3D printed retainer for gun hoist adapter Fleet Readiness Center MakerGear 3D printer military 3d printing Navy 3d printing us navyIt’s pretty exciting to start off a Monday morning with an email from the Navy explaining that they have 3D printed one of the first functional parts to be used in their fleet. With the team of AT1. View the entire article via our website.

Shooting from the Hip with a 3D Printed Card Shooter

3D Design 3D Printing 3d printable toys 3d printed guns card shooter MakerGear thingiverseNot all 3D printed shooters are as controversial as Cody Wilson’s 3D printed firearm. One particular project that fits the bill is a card shooter created by Jeffery Karr that he created this summer... View the entire article via our website.

Maker 12.5 – A 3D Printed Vintage Sailboat Floats the Filament Sea

MakerGear thingiverseI love the romance of wooden sailboats. They are a wonderful marriage of art and science; each one crafted by a maker’s hands, the design influenced by scientific interaction of wind, wood, and water,... View the entire article via our website. 3D Design 3D Printing 3d printed boat 3d printed sailboat makeitfloat maker 12.5

3D Printing Companies Roll Out the Discounts for Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2017

Featured Stories 3d printer cyber monday 3d printer sales 3d printers black friday aio robotics Airwolf 3D black friday deals cel robox cgtrader lulzbot makerbot makerbot black friday MakerGear monoprice NinjaTek polymaker Proto-pasta protopasta Type a machines xyzprinting XYZprinting Black Friday zmorph ZMorph Black Friday

New Jersey Man 3D Prints a Bomb! A 3/4 Scale World War II Replica

3D Design 3D Printing 3d printed bomb 3D printed replicas egg harbor city makergear m2 new jersey world war ii 3D printed guns, 3D printed knives, what is this world coming to? Now a man in New Jersey has 3D printed a bomb! Before you get your panties in a bunch, take a deep... View the entire article via our website.

3D Printing Introductions, Innovations, and Bling Galore at RAPID + TCT 2018

3D Printed Art 3D Printers 3D Printing Education #3DTalk 3d print jewelry 3d printed artwork 3d printed dress 3d printed helmet 3d printed watch 3d printing event additive manufacturing conference Arcam EBM Arcam EBM Spectra H Custom Prototypes Cyant danit peleg DWS Systems ebm ge GE Additive MakerGear mascot myth new 3d printers RAPID + TCT RAPID 2018 STEM education women in 3d printing XPRO S

Texas 67

3D Hubs 2017 3D Printer Guide: This Year’s Top 3D Printers Categorized From Prosumer to Price Budget

3D Printers 3D Printing 3d hubs 3D Hubs 2017 3D Printing Guide BCN3D Sigma cel robox Craftbot Plus EOS P396 3D printers FlashForge Creator Pro Form 2 3D printer lulzbot mini LulzBot Taz 6 makergear m2 Original Prusa i3 MK2 Printrbot 3D printer Rostock Max Ultimaker 2 3D Printer Zortrax M200 3D printerWhen you think about the organization 3D Hubs, you likely focus on the 3D printing service platform aspect.

Introducing the World’s First 3D Printed Ultra High-End CD Player

3D Design 3D Printing 3d printed cd player 3d printed music dc player e3d volcano makergear m2 music record player solidworksWhether you like to listen to your favorite music on an old-school record player, an iPod, or a CD player, typically you would do so on a device that you purchase online or at... View the entire article via our website.

Researchers from Italy & Greece 3D Print Knee Models for Successful Use in Personalized Surgical Plans

3D Printing Health 3D Printing 3D printed knee parts 3d printed medical models 3d printed patella MakerGear 3D printerNow, researchers from the University of Ioannina in Greece and the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore in Rome, Italy, are really using the innovation of the 3D model to their benefit—and surely to. View the entire article via our website.

New Firewire PPS 3D Printing Filament from 3DXTech Withstands High Temps & Extreme Chemicals

3D Printing 3D Printing Materials 3d printing filament 3dxtech Detroit Maker Faire firewire FIrewire PPS 3D printing filament high temperature 3d printing makergear m23DXTech is well aware that the 3D printing industry is full of myriad and sundry filament choices. While there are the standard choices in ABS and PLA which work fine for a variety of... View the entire article via our website.

Around the World in 3D Printing: First Half 2017

As the 3D printing industry heats up, so do the jet and car engines as we continue to travel around the US and the world to check in on the latest developments directly. 2016 kept us busy, from trade. View the entire article via our website.

Virtual Reality App from 219 Design Simplifies the Programming of Robots

3D Printing Robotics Science & Technology Virtual Reality 219 Design HTC Vive MakerGear robotic arm virtual reality appWhile robots may make complicated tasks look easy, programming a robot is anything but – particularly when you’re talking about large, complex industrial robots whirring away in. View the entire article via our website.

How Sexy Does 3D Printing Need To Be?

Featured Stories 2d printing 3D printing benefits 3d printing ecosystem 3D printing ecosystems 3d printing industry 3d printing technologies B9Creations BeeHex Commercial 3D printing disruption disruptive technology Editorial forbes gartner Generative design hybrid manufacturing hype industrial 3d printing industrial 3d printing applications industry MakerGear manufacturing opinion Pete Basiliere public knowledge Shon Anderson

3D Hubs 2018 3D Printer Guide: Top Choices in 3D Printing for Reliability, Quality, Cost

Amsterdam-based 3D printing service 3D Hubs often hears the question, “Which 3D printer should I buy?” ” The company is certainly the right one to ask, given that it works hard to connect. View the entire article via our website.

Tips on How to Resume a 3D Print Job After Turning Off the Printer

3D Design 3D Printers 3D Printing 3D Software 3d print jobs 3d printing tips and tricks makergear m2 Nova Mini Maker Faire Simplify3D vicky sommaDue to the amount of time (and money) it costs to design a 3D model and then 3D print it, we ideally want to be in a situation where we can start a 3D printer when we need to and turn it off when the. View the entire article via our website.

From Rust Belt to Tech Belt: How 3D Printing is Revitalizing One City’s Economy

3D Printing Business america makes American Greetings Benesch Benesch 3D Printing Group brett conner caterpillar Cleveland MakerGear manufacturing Ohio rust belt youngstown business incubator youngstown state universityLike many who have lived in one place for their entire lives, I’m fiercely proud of – and defensive of – my hometown. Cleveland has gotten a bad rep over the years, but I. View the entire article via our website.

Pinshape Releases Its 2017 3D Printer Guide, With Top Options in the Professional, Prosumer, and Hobbyist Categories

3D Printers 3D Printing 2017 3D Printer Buying Guide 3d printer guide 3D printing hobbyists BCN3D Sigma 3D printer cel robox Craftbot Plus craftunique flashforge finder Formlabs Form 2 3D printer Lulzbot Mini 3d printer Lulzbot TAZ 6 3D Printer makergear m2 Monoprice MP Select Mini Original Prusa i3 MK2 pinshape Pinshape community professional 3d printer prosumer 3D printers Robo R1+ Ultimaker 3 Zortrax M200 3D printer

New Windows 10 IoT Core App Allows Users to Easily Network Their 3D Printer Using a Raspberry Pi

3D Printing 3D Software 3d print windows 10 Internet of Things IOT IoT Core app LulzBot Taz 6 makergear m2 microsoft Microsoft 3D Builder networked 3D printer printrbot Prusa i3 Prusa i3 Mk2 raspberry pi ultimaker Windows windows 10 Windows 10 3D printer wireless connectivityMicrosoft Windows has always been an early supporter of 3D printing, not only developing their own 3D printing app, but offering native 3D printer support for a bunch of 3D printer models since.

President Obama Opened Hannover Messe with a Pitch for TPP and a Shoutout to 3D Printing in the US

3D Printing Business 3d systems additive manufacturing canon EU German Chancellor Angela Merkel germany Hannover Fair Hannover Fair in Germany Hannover Messe 2016 industrial 3d printing JobsOhio konica minolta MakerGear obama 3d printing obama speech Ohio Lt. As a sign of how important the technology is becoming to the resurgence of industry and manufacturing in the United States, 3D printing was the only specific technology mentioned by President Barack.

Instructables & 3D Hubs Launch Their 3D Printing Contest 2016 with 15 3D Printers Up for Grabs

3D Design 3D printed art 3D Printers 3D Printing 3d hubs 3D Printing Contest 2016 BeeTheFirst cel robox Craftbot Plus deltawasp instructables lulzbot mini makergear m2 Rostock Max seemecnc ultimaker ultimaker 2 ultimaker 2 extended ultimaker 2 go Witbox 2 Zortrax Zortrax M200Do-it-yourself maker community Instructables is teaming up with global 3D printing network 3D Hubs for a new contest that will see 15 lucky winners walking away with a top of the line desktop 3D.

3D Hubs 2016 3D Printer Guide: From Pro to Plug & Play–See What Data From 5,350 Reviews Reveals

3D Printers 3D Printing Business Editorials / Opinions 3d hubs 3d printer guide 3D printing kits B9Creator BeeTheFirst best 3d printer best 3d printers budget 3D printing cel robox craftbot deltawasp diy 3d printers enthusiast 3D printing FlashForge Creator FlashForge Creator Pro form 1 lulzbot mini lulzbot taz makergear m2 Mendel90 Plug and Play 3D printing PrintrBot Simple Metal Prusa Steel resin 3D printers Rostock Max ultimaker 2 ultimaker original up!

2016 3D Printer Buying Guide

So you want to buy a 3D printer, but you don’t know where to start. I don’t blame you, there are a lot of 3D printers out there from a lot of manufacturers with names that you’ve never heard of, it. View the entire article via our website.

RepRap: Blog: Still Extruding: RepRap Price Points

RepRap Blog

In this video I covered what a very basic RepRap would look like (The Pink one), a "normal" RepRap would look like (Black one), and what a full out obsessive build would look like (The White MakerGear Prusa). RepRap: Blog.

Easy WiFi 3D Printer sharing with Microsoft IoT Core

DIY 3D Printing

Here is the video explaining the setup: It currently supports the following printers: Lulzbot Taz 6 Makergear M2 Printrbot Play, Plus and Simple Prusa i3 and i3 Mk2 Ultimaker Original and Original+ Ultimaker 2 and 2+ Ultimaker 2 Extended and Extended+.