ExOne Binder Jet 3D Printing to Be Advanced at Pennsylvania Universities


When it comes to binder jet 3D printing, ExOne is a pioneer of the technology, excelling especially with metals and composite materials, like sand. 3D Printing ANSYS binder jet 3D printing Binder Jetting Carnegie Mellon University exone ExOne Company funding Kennametal Penn State University pennsylvania Pennsylvania State University research project the exone company University of Pittsburgh Villanova University

3D Systems, Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, and ‘America Makes’ Announce Additive Manufacturing Research Awards

Additive Manufacturing

Awards are a key result of the public-private partnership between America Makes, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and 3D Systems. ROCK HILL, South Carolina, August 18, 2014– 3D Systems (NYSE: DDD ), the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and America Makes announced the award of three major grants to leading universities to advance research in additive manufacturing technology. RAMP was established in 2012 to engage in specific innovation projects with Pennsylvania manufacturers.

3D Printing Boosts Pennsylvania Children’s Learning Outcomes

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3D Printing Boosts Pennsylvania Children’s Learning Outcomes Wednesday, September 9, 2015 - 15:14 Two years ago, Andrew Trexler saw an advertisement for a desktop 3D printer. 3DS has by far the best process and materials in the 3D printing market,” Andrew says. His curiosity led him to explore the technology until he suddenly found himself engrossed in it.

UPenn Researchers Using Jammed Microgels as 3D Bioprinting Inks


A trio of researchers from the University of Pennsylvania have published a paper, titled “Jammed Microgel Inks for 3D Printing Applications,” on their use of jammed microgels as inks for. 3D Printing 3D Printing Materials Science & Technology 3d bioprinting 3D printing inks extrusion system microgel research paper shear thinning University of Pennsylvania upenn

ExOne Opens DREAM Center in North Huntingdon, Pennsylvania, USA

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ExOne is a global provider of 3D printing machines and 3D printed and other products, materials and services to industrial customers. ExOne also supplies the associated materials, including consumables and replacement parts, and other services, including training and technical support, necessary for purchasers of its machines to print products. . State-of-the-art Design and Re-Engineering for Additive Manufacturing (“DREAM”) center facilitates customer training and design support.

GE to Build Advanced Manufacturing Facility in Pennsylvania

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It includes new digital fabrication technology, lean manufacturing methods and rapid-prototyping, advanced materials sciences, supply chain efficiency and open innovation. The facility will focus on improving capabilities and usage of additive manufacturing across GE while advancing materials sciences and inspection technologies. Governor Tom Corbett said, “By integrating education, workforce training and technology, we are cultivating a renaissance in Pennsylvania manufacturing.

Researchers Inspired by Pastry Chefs: 3D Printed Constructs Lead to More Successful Tissue Engineering


Looking at the latest project from research at Rice University and the University of Pennsylvania rather broadly, we’d have to say that it’s pretty amazing what you can do with hardware such as. 3D Printing 3D Printing Materials Health 3D Printing 3d bioprinting 3d printed blood vessels 3D printed cellular structures 3d printed scaffolds 3d printed tissue 3d printing research bioprinting rice university University of Pennsylvania

Further Developments Made in Dissolvable Supports for Metal 3D Printed Parts


3D Printing 3D Printing Materials Metal 3D Printing Science & Technology 3d printed support material 3d printed supports 3D printing post processing 3d printing support materials Arizona State University Dissolvable 3D metal printing supports Pennsylvania State University post processing post processing 3d printed parts stainless steel

Praxair Surface Technologies Announces Winners of TruForm Additive Manufacturing Grant


3D Printing 3D Printing Materials Education Metal 3D Printing 3d printing grant 3D printing grants Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis Oklahoma State University at Stillwater Pennsylvania State University Praxair Praxair Surface technologies TruForm metal powder University of Dayton university of louisville University of PittsburghPraxair Surface Technologies (PST) is a leading supplier of metal powders to the additive manufacturing industry.

Fenner Drives Creates New NinjaTek 3D Printing Division, Will Launch New NinjaFlex Materials at CES


The Pennsylvania-based rubber and flexible material. 3D Printing 3D Printing Materials Business CES 2016 fenner drives flexible 3d printer filament flexible 3d printing filament flexible filament ninjaflex Ninjaflex 3d printing material NinjaFlex flexible filament ninjaflex website NinjaTekOther than standard PLA and ABS, few 3D printing filaments have been as successful as the line of NinjaFlex flexible filaments from Fenner Drives.

Oberg Industries and Swanson School of Engineering Extend Additive Manufacturing Research Partnership

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Albert To , associate professor of mechanical engineering and materials science and one of Pitt’s AM researchers, added that Oberg was instrumental in helping to found the Swanson School’s Modeling & Optimization Simulation Tools for Additive Manufacturing (MOST-AM) Consortium.

SME’s Smart Manufacturing Seminar Series – Highlighting Additive Manufacturing (AM) Materials

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SME ’s Smart Manufacturing Series will feature its second in a series of additive manufacturing (AM) seminars titled ‘ Additive Manufacturing Materials’ , August 9 , 2018 , Knoxville , Tennessee. Additive Manufacturing Materials. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania US.

Pitt and General Carbide Partner to Improve Tungsten Carbide Parts via Additive Manufacturing

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The project was financed in part by a $57,529 grant from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania’s Department of Community and Economic Development (DCED) and the first round of the PA Manufacturing Innovation Program (PAMIP). Principal investigator is Markus Chmielus , assistant professor and the student fellows are from the Department of Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science. By Paul Kovach | University of Pittsburgh | Swanson Engineering.

3D Systems Partners with Penn State to Research Direct Metal Printing for DARPA


3D printing industry leader 3D Systems announced that they have formed a partnership with the Pennsylvania State University to research and further develop direct metal printing technology. View the entire article via our website.

Additive Manufacturing Research Groups Led by Pitt Engineers Receive More Than $1.7 Million in Latest Funding From America Makes

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Faculty from Industrial Engineering & Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science enhance Pitt’s AM research. million in contracts toward additive manufacturing research from America Makes, the National Science Foundation , and Research for Advanced Manufacturing in Pennsylvania. By Paul Kovach, Swanson School of Engineering.

Budmen Industries' New Minimal, Modular Buildini is a Practical 3D Printer for the Creative Mind


Pennsylvania-based company and post-digital workshop Budmen Industries, the “Home of Industrial Imagination,” was founded by lifelong creatives Isaac Budmen, author of The Book on 3D. 3D Printers 3D Printing 3D printing toolheads Budmen industries Buildini creativity experimental 3D printing experimentation Isaac Budmen large-format 3D printing modular 3d printer multi material 3d printing new 3d printer

America Makes Announces Awardees of Directed Project Opportunity

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million in AFRL Materials and Manufacturing Directorate, Manufacturing and Industrial Base Technology Division funding toward these projects with $1.4 Additionally, each of the technical tasks are to be performed on materials that have been demonstrated as viable materials for use with the specific AM process proposed, including one of the three classes of metallic materials: Nickel-based alloys, Aluminum alloys, and Titanium alloys.

University of Pittsburgh and ANSYS Develop New Computing Tools to Push the Boundaries of Additive Manufacturing

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The ANSYS Additive Manufacturing Research Laboratory is equipped with some of the most advanced additive manufacturing devices that utilize metals, alloys, polymers and other materials to laser print components for nearly every industry. Simulation-driven product development changes the process by virtually exploring the properties of a number of design options early on, before committing to specific material and design choices. By Pitt | Swanson Engineering.

Pitt Mechanical Engineers Receive $350,000 NSF Grant to Develop Fast Computational Modeling for Additive Manufacturing

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The team, based in the Swanson School’s Department of Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science, includes Associate Professor and Principal Investigator Albert To ; and co-PIs Assistant Professor Sangyeop Lee and Adjunct Associate Professor Stephen Ludwick. The group’s research is an extension of previous funding from the Research for Advanced Manufacturing in Pennsylvania program ( RAMP ). By Paul Kovach | Swanson School of Engineering, University of Pittsburgh.

Liquid metals show promise in speeding additive manufacturing

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The research out of Arizona State University suggests that dissolvable metal material may work as a support material for metal additively made parts. Co-authors Owen Hildreth, Arizona State University (Tempe), Abdalla Nassar and Timothy Simpson, Pennsylvania State University (State College, PA), and Kevin Chasse, Naval Surface Warfare Center (W. Their research indicates that other metals may be suitable for this purpose, but the material must meet the following criteria.

Investment in AM

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Alcoa is investing $60 million in additive manufacturing and 3D printing methods and materials. Early next year, GE is opening a $32 million R&D facility in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania called the Center for Additive Manufacturing Advancement. Among them: software and web-based tools for the creation and optimization of 3D content, IT, process controls, automation, materials, postprocessing, inspection, industry standards, education, training, and research.

SME’s RAPID 2016

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The machines are capable of addressing 340 million voxels per second in thermoplastic materials. The systems are mostly open, which means they will support third-party materials at competitive prices. RAPID 2017 will be held May 8-11 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. I attended this week’s RAPID 2016 in Orlando, Florida. As always, the conference and exposition were excellent. An estimated 5,190 attended the event, compared to 4,512 last year.

CocoJet 3D Printer Creates Tasty Chocolate Treats

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The Cocojet prototype at CES uses a modified version of the 3D printing model fused deposition modeling, or constructing objects by extruding layers of liquid material (usually heated plastic) that then cool into a solid form. Sugar Labs also hope to have the Cocojet print in flavored chocolate such as hazelnut or amaretto, Sugar Labs co-founder Liz Von Hasseln told me, but it’s not as easy as just putting the new material into the printer.

Will dental visits soon be easier?

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New devices and materials promise to make dentist visits more pleasant, and help maintain our teeth between checkups. Materials: For over 150 years, dentists have filled tooth cavities with mercury-based silver amalgam. However, “ the strength of these materials has not yet reached an optimal level ,” says Ana Raquel Benetti, dentist and researcher at the Department of Odontology at the University of Copenhagen. Written by Catherine Bolgar.

NCDMM and Catalyst Connection Announce Next Phase of AMNOW Program to Support Additive Manufacturing Technology Insertion into the U.S. Army Supply Chain

Additive Manufacturing

Army’s readiness and facilitate on-demand production of materials in support of warfighters and commanders on the battlefield. “We They are also very familiar with the work of both organizations and their respective manufacturing and economic contributions to the Tech Belt region of northeastern Ohio and southwestern Pennsylvania. “I Phase 1 Seeks to Develop and Prove Out a Prototype Digital Thread AM Supply Chain. Blairsville, Pa. November 26, 2019.

M. Holland Company Enhances 3D Printing Offerings with Braskem?s Polypropylene

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This material features a proprietary formula that allows for high stability, low warpage and consistent extrusion. There is an increasing need in the additive manufacturing market for printable polypropylene material with high chemical resistance and hydrophobic properties.

EOS Taps Gregory Hayes to Head Additive Minds North America

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Most recently, Greg co-founded Complex Materials, a bespoke bioresorbable materials company with a focus on magnesium alloy stent tubing. in Materials Science from Pennsylvania State University, and Start-up and Entrepreneurship certification from the Vlerick Business School in Belgium. Like no other company, EOS is mastering the interaction of laser and powder material.

LPW’s Latest Case Study Highlighting Confidence in Commercial Reuse of Inconel 718 AM Metal Powders

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Quality’ for LPW means consistency of supply, full traceability and reliable material performance. One of the key benefits of AM, over conventional manufacturing methods, is the ability to reuse a batch of material which has been through the process.

SME’s Smart Manufacturing Seminar Series – Exclusive Access to Industry Leaders and Experts Who Are Implementing Additive Manufacturing (AM) in Their Business Operations

Additive Manufacturing

Pittsburg, Pennsylvania. Additive Manufacturing Materials. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. With the constant emergence of new technologies, machines, and materials, additive manufacturing is evolving so quickly that if you do not stay up to speed, you will be left behind. Today’s materials and machine printers are increasingly capable to produce high quality parts that are meeting stringent product specific performance requirements.

NCDMM and Catalyst Connection Announce AMNOW Program to Support Additive Manufacturing Technology Insertion into the U.S. Army Supply Chain

Additive Manufacturing

Army’s readiness and facilitate on-demand production of materials in support of warfighters and commanders on the battlefield. It provides consulting and training services to small manufacturers in southwestern Pennsylvania, accelerating revenue growth and improving productivity. Blairsville, Pa. April 30, 2019.

BioBots Is A 3D Printer For Living Cells

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The startup began as a dorm-room project as two of the co-founders were at the point of graduating from their computer science and biology degrees at the University of Pennsylvania last June, drawing on their own research interests in genetic engineering and tissue engineering. The BioBots printer has one extruder and uses hydraulic pressure to push the material out of a syringe. biotech startup BioBots sits at the intersection between computer science and chemistry.

Carpenter Enhances Additive Manufacturing Capabilities with Acquisition of LPW Technology Ltd.

Additive Manufacturing

LPW is based in Widnes, Cheshire, United Kingdom with additional processing operations near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Expands Growing Leadership Position as Additive Manufacturing Solutions Provider.

M. Holland Signs Distribution Agreement with Henkel to Further Expand 3D Printing Portfolio

Additive Manufacturing

Holland’s industrial manufacturing clients access to a wider range of 3D printing materials, including UV-curable silicone elastomeric, ultra-clear, durable, high impact, high temperature and general-purpose resins. Holland’s first expansion into thermoset materials.

Metal AM Company LPW Ranks in Top National Export League for 2nd Year

Additive Manufacturing

We differentiate our offering through technical understanding of metal powders for Additive Manufacturing, consistency in our materials and excellent customer service, and this has ensured our overseas customer base has expanded year on year. LPW’s US subsidiary has also relocated to a larger facility in Pennsylvania. situated near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, providing analytical services, product inventory and sales support to North and South America.

Manufacturer Offers Design Tips for Custom Springs

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The guide covers important factors that designers should consider, for example, when selecting the right material or establishing tolerances for specific applications. Material selection, Froelich said, begins by considering the environment in which the custom spring will perform. If the part needs to function in temperatures exceeding 650 degrees Fahrenheit, a high-temperature material, such as Inconel, should be specified. By Mark Shortt, Design-2-Part Magazine.

ASTM International to Host Delegation of 3D Printing Experts from Singapore

Additive Manufacturing

Pennsylvania, and Connecticut. Working across borders, disciplines, and industries we harness the expertise of over 30,000 members to create consensus and improve performance in manufacturing and materials, products and processes, systems and services. CONSHOHOCKEN, Pa., November 7, 2016— ASTM International will host a delegation of additive manufacturing professionals from Singapore, Nov. The delegation will visit Washington, D.C.,

Proposed ASTM International Guide to Create Principles of Design Rules in Additive Manufacturing (3D Printing)

Additive Manufacturing

Working across borders, disciplines, and industries we harness the expertise of over 30,000 members to create consensus and improve performance in manufacturing and materials, products and processes, systems and services. West Conshohocken, Pennsylvania USA. CONSHOHOCKEN, Pa., November 9, 2015— A proposed ASTM guide will make it easier for businesses to create parts using additive manufacturing, also known as 3D printing.

Alcoa Expands R&D Center to Deepen Additive Manufacturing Capabilities

Additive Manufacturing

60 million expansion to include state-of-the-art additive manufacturing center focused on feedstock materials, processes, product design and qualification. Builds on over 100 years of metal powder production history and 20 years of additive manufacturing expertise with capabilities in California, Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Texas. Further, the Ampliforge™ process significantly reduces material input and simplifies production relative to traditional forging processes.

Recreating Classic Cars with CAD: Tucker Torpedo Project Update

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I live in a car lover’s Dreamland in Pennsylvania. They cover thousands of acres, have massive machinery with what seems like unlimited power, devour mass quantities of raw materials and employ tens of thousands of people in order to make the whole place work.

Renishaw Highlights the Benefits of Digital Dentistry at Lab Day East

Additive Manufacturing

To showcase the benefits of additive manufacturing (AM) technology to dental laboratories, global engineering technologies company, Renishaw , is exhibiting at LMT Lab Day East, hosted at the Pennsylvania Convention Center, USA, on Saturday September 8 th , 2018.

Industry Standards

Wohlers Talk

On Tuesday, January 13 in West Conshohocken (Philadelphia), Pennsylvania, a group of more than 70 individuals from the U.S., Today, each organization must deal with these issues on their own as they attempt to force fit a wide range of prototyping machines and materials into manufacturing environments. Those present at the meeting formed five subcommittees, each of which concentrate on terminology, testing, processes, materials, and design (including file formats).

GE Celebrates Grand Opening of First Additive Manufacturing Center in Pittsburgh

Additive Manufacturing

Facility represents $39M commitment to Pennsylvania and creates 50 jobs. In line with GE’s Brilliant Factory concept, CATA will combine lean manufacturing and optimal productivity with advanced software analytics to improve capabilities and usage of additive manufacturing across GE while advancing materials sciences and inspection technologies. Advanced manufacturing’s impact on the economy is $3.1T or 19% of US GDP.

New Company and Technology Announcement: Paxis LLC to Introduce New WAV Additive Manufacturing Process and Technology

Additive Manufacturing

The attributes of the WAV process will allow resin developers to re-think material development which was hindered by the limitations of previous technologies.”. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania USA. WAV, a new large build area industrial manufacturing process with projected speeds of 4x, 8x, and 24x+ of current additive manufacturing photopolymerization systems.