Mcor ARKe Full Color Desktop 3D Printer

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Mcor just presented their Arke printer and it is amazing! mm (0.0039 in) in X, Y, Z Build multiple models simultaneously Easy-to-use, plug-and-play process Hi-res touch screen with innovative LED progress task bar Mcor Arke homepage: [link].

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New Automatic Waste Removal Feature Doubles Speed, Cuts Post Processing for Mcor Full-Color 3D Printing

One of the most unique 3D printing companies in the industry is Mcor. 3D Printers 3D Printing 3D Software 3D printing post processing Automatic Waste Removal AWR mcor Mcor ARKe post processing selective deposition laminationThe Irish manufacturer’s 3D printers print not with plastic, not with metal but with paper, yet their parts are stronger. View the entire article via our website.


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Mcor Technologies opens U.S. 3D printing headquarters in Boston-area

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Interviewing Deirdre MacCormack from Mcor Technologies. Irish 3D printing company, Mcor Technologies, has expanded its global footprint with the official opening of its U.S. Take a look at what Mcor CEO Conor MacCormack had to say about the process in our colour 3D printing special.

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Mcor 3D Prints Incredibly Realistic Rana Plaza Brick Replica From Tragic Building Collapse

In the process, the... View the entire article via our website. 3D Design 3D Printing 3d printed bricks 3D printing with paper arup ireland Irish Design 2015 mcor mcor technologies paper 3d printing Rana Plaza building collapseBesides the countless ways that 3D printing technology has changed and will continue to alter the landscape of manufacturing, it also has the capacity to improve and even save lives.


Mcor’s full colour 3D printing gets even better

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Mcor Technologies Ltd today extended the possibilities of colour 3D printing with enhancements to the Mcor IRIS, already the world’s most colour-capable 3D printer. The Mcor IRIS now offers: Increased colour edge definition, or sharpness.

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Mcor Technologies Appoints Chief Operations Officer

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DUNLEER, IRELAND, 17 June 2015 – Mcor Technologies Ltd , manufacturer of the only line of desktop paper-based 3D printers today announced the appointment of Kevin Devlin as the company’s Chief Operations Officer. Mcor recently expanded its global presence by opening a Boston-area U.S.


Mcor Will Give US Schools 3 Years of Free Paper for the IRIS 3D Printer

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Mcor Technologies recently announced that it is giving away three years of 3D printing consumables to any US school that purchases its IRIS SDL – Selective Deposition Lamination – 3D printer. By Scott J Grunewald.

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Mcor’s New ARKe 3D Printer Ushers in Full-Color Desktop 3D Printing for All

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You might have been wondering what Mcor Technologies, the Ireland-based leading manufacturer of paper lamination full color 3D printers, has been up to lately. All that is now going to change, as Mcor presented its newest 3D printer at CES in Las Vegas.… By Davide Sher.

3D Printing with Paper by Hand

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You can get finer surfaces and color with some post-processing: mcor paperIf you want to produce a 3d object from a 3d model and you dont have a 3d printer but have some paper and glue you can do it manually.

3D Heights – New York’s First Independent 3D Printing Store


Mcor is the odd-man-out here as they make industrial/professional grade machines that 3D print in paper using a fascinating process that blurs the lines between additive and subtractive digital manufacturing.

Be Your Own 3D Printer — Make 3D Models with Glue and Layered Paper Cutouts via Instructables

Designers involved in the process often tend to come up with... View the entire article via our website. 3D Design 3D Printing Materials 123Make 2d to 3d 3d printed paper autodesk duck Ghostscript instructables mcor SCAL Scribus Sculptris Sure Cuts a Lot Sometimes 3D models seems to be produced by some parts magic, some parts technology, with a big dollop of arts and crafts at the finish line.

SME RAPID 2015-Day 3 Highlights and Notables

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DDM Systems -Fascinating lamp process for additively manufacturing cores for investment casting. Mcor is introducing the Mcor IRIS HD , which provides 360° high-definition color, sharpens details, and reduces the industry’s already lowest operating costs by 20 percent.

Better color 3D printing

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Earlier this year, Mcor Technologies announced that its Mcor IRIS 3D printer included the International Color Consortium (ICC) profile, ensuring that colors specified in a design will be exactly what the designer wants, rather than a close approximation.

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Uncanny Full-Color 3D Printing from Fraunhofer Researchers

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Until now, Mcor’s paper 3D printing and 3D Systems binder-jetting processes have been among the best at creating vivid, colorful prints, but, according to MIT Technology Review, Alan Brunton, et al. By Michael Molitch-Hou.

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TCT2012 show report and Industry growing pains.


Maker test - Poor (D-) Mcor - Inside an Mcor 3D printer (not really a printer, it cuts models out of sheets of office paper) They are all paper. Very friendly and animated about their machines and low-cost process.

Paper-Based 3D Printing Used to Reconstruct Bust of 11th Century Cambodian King

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To build the restored physical model in 3D, Lemaresquier used an Mcor IRIS SDL paper-based 3D printer to create an authentic feel in photorealistic color. “If The original, damaged, bust of the king.

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What is selective deposition lamination?

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The ASTM standards organization has a definition for sheet lamination– an additive manufacturing process in which sheets of material are bonded to form an object. Then another process, such as a laser or a knife blade is used to cut the solidified layers into the desired shape.

Getting to Know the Selective Deposition Lamination Method of 3D Printing

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Combined with high-resolution color printing, Selective Deposition Lamination (SDL) may be the truest embodiment of the term 3D printing, considering raw materials and process.

Gradient Color 3D Printing


These days there are really only two choices for full, RGB-color 3D printing: MCOR’s Iris paper-powered machine and 3D Systems’ ProJet x60 series of powder process 3D printers. Is this the ultimate in color processing?


MecklerMedia’s Inside 3D Printing in Association with KINTEX in Seoul, South Korea Announces Agenda; June 24-26, 2015

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Keynote Speakers Include: Bryan Ferrand, Vice President, Global Sales and Services, Mcor Technologies.

Guide to Unusual 3D Printing Materials


The term “3D printing” is often vague in its definition because it describes a wide range of manufacturing processes. SolarSinter however, manages to create sand structures using only solar energy, a 100% eco-friendly process.

RAPID 2016 – The Preeminent Event for 3D Printing, Scanning, and Additive Manufacturing

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More and more companies are looking at additive manufacturing as a tool to improve their overall process. Mcor Technologies Ltd., SME ’s RAPID is one of the longest-running and well-respected industry forums for additive manufacturing and 3D scanning.

TCT Show 2014 Industry Review & Technology round-up - RepRap Community Hub


And not only that, they have a true determination to understand what''s going on inside the hot-end and with the entire process of 3D printing, this drives them on to make ever higher performance products. Mcor had an impressive stand and the iris paper based printer always attracts a crowd.