Shapeways integrates Zverse software to accelerate 3D design solutions

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Shapeways, a New York-headquartered 3D printing marketplace and service bureau, has partnered with ZVerse to integrate its CAD as a Service (CADaaS) platform. Driven by AI, CADaaS will enable the design of new 3D models and the optimization of existing 3D files all within the Shapeways website. 3D Platforms CAD as a Service John Carrington shapeways ZVerse

Shapeways expands 3D printing services with additional $30 million funding

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New York headquartered 3D printing marketplace Shapeways has announced a further $30 million in Series E funding. Each of the investors are making a return from the prior round in 2015 which also saw Shapeways […]. 3D Platforms 3d modeling Andreessen Horowitz Design with Shapeways Gregory Kress INKEF Capital jewelry Lux Capital shapeways Shapeways funding Spring & Wonder Union Square Ventures

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Valve + Shapeways Tutorial: 3D Print Your Video Game Models

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Valve+Shapeways: Converting 3D assets for video games into 3D printable design files. This tutorial is designed to help you asses 3D video game models and adjust aspects of them to make them successfully printable in the various materials Shapeways offers.

How Hasbro is Dealing with IP through Partnership with Shapeways

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The project incorporates a type of Crowdsourcing, where Hasbro will showcase the designs of fans that will then be 3D Printed by 3D Printing contract service bureau, Shapeways. To It will be interesting to see what other brands follow this type of model.

How to Set Up the Shapeways Fulfillment App for Shopify

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Shapeways supports sellers wherever they want to do business. Follow the steps below to connect your Shopify store to Shapeways. To use the Shapeways Fulfillment app, you must have a credit card on file with Shapeways. Sign in to Shapeways.

Shapeways in Seattle This Saturday

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Whether you’re interested in learning about creating scale models for 3D printing or sharing your designs on our new community site, Shape.JS , we’d love to meet you! 3D Printing for Scale Models. If you’re interested in learning about scale modeling, Andrew will be at the International Plastic Modelers Society at 12:30 p.m. We’ll be talking about how 3D printing for Scale Modelers and what you need to know to get started.

Announcing Shapeways Materials Updates

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previously known as HP Nylon Plastic) is available to sell in your Shapeways shops. We’ve also begun updating our Model Upload and Checkout flow to make it easier to pick your materials and finishes. The post Announcing Shapeways Materials Updates appeared first on Shapeways Magazine.

Understanding Shapeways materials for Scale Models

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Shapeways shop owner Dain Penman of MadasU shares some insights into choosing the right material for printing scale objects meant to be part of a larger train set. When you are looking at a model to purchase, the material choices available can be confusing. 3D Modeling


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One of the best examples is Netherlands-based Shapeways, a company that is a part of the Philips Electronics incubator program. The company, which launched in Q2 2008, allows customers to upload a design that Shapeways will manufacture using a method of AM. This may sound similar to a conventional AM service provider, although Shapeways focuses entirely on the consumer market. Shapeways handles the sales transaction, manufacturing, and shipment to the customer.

10 Years Ago, Shapeways Was Sparked

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Ten years ago today, Shapeways was just an idea. ” It was March 1, 2007 – Co-Founder & CEO Pete Weijmarshausen’s first day working full-time on Shapeways, and the unofficial birthday of the company. Pete opens Shapeways’ New York office, 2010.

Announcing the Shapeways Dota® 2 3D Printing Contest on Polycount!

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In each category, one 3D modeler will win a Wacom Intuos 3D tablet (complete with the fantastic-for-beginners ZBrushCore software ), $100 in 3D printing credit, and the coveted Polycount trophy. Submission Guidelines: 4 steps to follow: Design a Dota® 2-themed model to be printed.

Make Sure Your Model 3D Prints with Shapeways 3D Tools

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Shapeways introduced a wall-thickness fixing tool in March to allow users to thicken models too fragile for printing. … The original post Make Sure Your Model 3D Prints with Shapeways 3D Tools appeared first on 3D Printing Industry. By Michael Molitch-Hou.

Shapeways Goes to India: Maker Fest Ahmedabad

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This past weekend Shapeways attended the three-day event which welcomed over 30,000 attendees from Gujarat and around the world. Lauren Slowik (Shapeways Design Evangelist) and I represented the Shapeways community at the event.

India 79

The Coolest Dota® 2 Products on Shapeways

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That, dear reader, is when they need to open up a Shapeways store. So, without further ado, here are some of the coolest Dota® 2 products on Shapeways. Dota® 2 Models. With a game like Dota® 2, models are always going to be the most widely represented product we have.

Shapeways Releases Their 2016 Holiday Gift Guide

While the weather has been unseasonably warm this fall in the Northeast, things are heating up at Shapeways. In preparation for the upcoming holidays, the hard working team at Shapeways has been. 3D Design 3D Printed Art 3D Printing 3D Printing Materials 2016 Holiday Gift Guide 3D animal models 3d printed holiday gifts 3D printed pendants 3d printed porcelain bacon mobius strip earrings games gift guide jewelry Mobius strip pendants rings shapeways Shapeways 2015 Gift Guide

Welcome to Shapeways Magazine

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The Shapeways Blog has always been a place to celebrate our community. So, with input from dozens of Shapies, and in response to the work of thousands of community members, we conceived of Shapeways Magazine. The new Shapeways Magazine is a place to find exactly what interests you, and deepen your knowledge of your craft. It’s a place to connect with the designers and stories that matter most to you as a scale modeler, jewelry designer, RC car builder, artist, or engineer.

Unlock Your 3D Printing Potential and Design With Shapeways!

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At Shapeways, it is our genuine belief that anyone can be a creator. Or you just might not have the time to develop a model from the design stages all the way to when it’s ready to print. The newly improved Design with Shapeways service connects users directly with our first-rate team of 3D designers and modelers. Stage 2: Work with a 3d modeler, provide feedback, and see your project come to life. appeared first on Shapeways Magazine.

3 Reasons to Print Your Next Creation on Shapeways

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At Shapeways, we want to make 3D printing accessible to everyone who wants to do it. There are several free 3D modeling programs out there, but actually creating your own three-dimensional printed products is a different story.

Welcome Michael Weinberg: Shapeways General Counsel and IP Expert

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Hi Shapeways! I’m excited to join Shapeways and to try and put some of the ideas I have been working on for the past few years into practice. Fortunately, Shapeways already has a track record of doing things right.

Letter from the CEO – Changes to Shapeways Pricing

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Shapeways Community: This is an exciting time at Shapeways. This includes the recent announcement of the Fulfilled by Shapeways Shopify integration and the Stratasys J750 multi-material color 3D printing. And we are in the process of re-launching our entire “Design with Shapeways” platform and re-engaging designers in a better experience to support creators to make their ideas real. What are the variables in the new model? CEO of Shapeways.

Better with Shapeways – Minna Kao

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Today’s Better with Shapeways video comes from Minna Kao of Dream of Songs. I took the Computational Fashion Master Class that was held by Eyebeam and Shapeways because I’m excited for the future possibilities in Fashion. This contest is operated by Shapeways.

Introducing Shapeways Collective

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Shapeways means so much more to our community of makers than just a factory for producing things and a store for selling them. Others talk about Shapeways at markets, conferences, and wherever you gather with others passionate about model trains, home decoration, or whatever it is you make. You can also drop us a note if you’d if you’d like to start a Shapeways Meetup in your region. The post Introducing Shapeways Collective appeared first on Shapeways Magazine.

Shapeways at Dutch Design Week 2016

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Based in Eindhoven (Shapeways’ hometown), this annual nine-day festival draws designers and design-lovers from around the world. Visitors to Shapeways’ Eindhoven factory during Dutch Design Week 2015. Shapeways EXPO | Shapeways Factory | Oct.

It’s Finally Here: The Shapeways 2016 Holiday Gift Guide!

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The whole Shapeways family has worked tirelessly to put together an unbeatable selection of customizable finds for your family and friends, gifts you can’t find anywhere else. What also makes Shapeways gifts so special is that you can Say You Made It.

FDM=ASAP but SLS=OMG: Home 3D Printing vs. Shapeways

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But, unless you’re hiding a refrigerator-sized $300,000 SLS machine in your garage, there are going to be times when it’s worth sending your prints to a professional 3D printing service like Shapeways (SLS = Shapeways Strong & Flexible Plastic ).

For the 3D Printing Novice: Shapeways Offers Insights into CAD & 3D Modeling

For those just beginning to try their hand at 3D printing, often it’s easy to jump in with only the end goal in sight as you imagine that sophisticated looking machine pumping out your 3D models. 3D Design 3D Printing 3D Software 3d design 3d design software 3D modeling 3d printing education blender cad Fusion 360 Maya onshape shapeways sketchup solidworks Tinkercad ZBrush

Shapeways Teams Up With Stratasys to Offer Full-Color, Multi-Material 3D Printing to Customers

People and organizations all around the globe use Shapeways, the largest 3D printing service and marketplace in the world, to build up business by creating 3D printed products. 3D Printers 3D Printing 3D Printing Materials Business 3d printed models agreement Biologic Models full color 3d printing J750 multi-material 3D printer shapeways stratasys Stratasys J750 3D printer Stratasys multi-material printing TCT Show 2018

Shapeways Live with Bryan Harris

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Today we interviewed Shapeways employee and shop owner, Bryan Harris. In this live stream event, we’ll learn about how Bryan came to find Shapeways, and how his work at the company inspired him to learn 3D modeling and ultimately open up his own shop All4u. 3D Modeling

A Talk With Jeff Brown, Shapeways’ ‘King Toy’

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The scale modeling community here at Shapeways just keeps amazing us with the things they’re creating. How long have you been working with model cars? I started seriously building model cars about 30 years ago when I was 16.

Create, Repair and Optimize Your 3D Files With Shapeways & ZVerse

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Through our new partnership with ZVerse, every Shapeways user will now have access to expert 3D design solutions for any project. Production: Once your design is completed it will be instantly added and ready to order from your Shapeways cart. Parametric Modeling. Mesh Modeling. We’re excited to bring those expert solutions to all Shapeways users and make it easier than ever to bring your ideas to life.

Better with Shapeways – Susan Taing

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We’re excited to feature designer Susan Taing of Bhold for our second Better with Shapeways video. And make sure to share her video on Facebook using #BetterWithShapeways for a new chance to win $100 in Shapeways credit! At which point do you involve Shapeways for your prototyping?

Shapeways Adds a New, Easy-to-Use 3D Model Scaling Tool

Shapeways, the web-based 3D printing service and marketplace titan, just keeps improving and simplifying the process of uploading your 3D designs for printing. It’s now easier than ever to get your model just right... View the entire article via our website. 3D Design 3D Printing 3D model scaling tool Occiptal shapeways Skanect sketchfab structure sensor

Better with Shapeways – Kacie Hultgren

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Today our Better with Shapeways video series highlights Kacie Hultgren from the popular miniatures shop, PrettySmallThings. As Kacie says, “Without Shapeways, I don’t really have a business. This contest is operated by Shapeways. 3D Modeling

Pro 3D Modeler Phil Nolan Turns to Shapeways for IRL Expression

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If you are a 3D modeler, working in the entertainment or in the manufacturing industry, modeling objects is becoming more and more of an opportunity for additional earning but, even more importantly, it is a great way to express your creative talent and stand out by embracing new technologies.

Shapeways and DJI Take Flight

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Today we are excited to announce that we have partnered with DJI, the market leader in easy-to-fly drones, to further enable the Shapeways community to create unique 3D printed accessories for drone products. 3D Modeling Community Curation Partner News

You’re Invited: Join Shapeways’ HP Early Access Program Today

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The Early Access Program will allow you to order your own models in the new HP Strong & Flexible nylon plastic. For veteran Shapeways community member Oskar van Deventer of Oskar’s Puzzles , dimensional accuracy is everything.

Video Tutorial: Make Your Video Game Models 3D Printable

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March’s issue of 3D Artist magazine contained not one, but TWO Shapeways-related features! The magazine also features a three-page tutorial on how to make video game models 3D printable, authored by Lauren Slowik.

Video 81

‘Shapeways 3D Tools’ Helps with Sizing of 3D Models & Avoiding Loose Shells with Two New Features

Shapeways is certainly in the business of indulging and encouraging the free spirit and creativity of artists and designers. 3D Design 3D Printing shapeways shapeways 3d tools They understand though, as do those experienced in design and innovation, that for the best... View the entire article via our website.

Shapeways Rolls Out New Suite of Tools for Checking 3D Models

The team at Shapeways say they’re always on the lookout for ways to make sure your 3D models can be printed. 3D Design 3D Printing 3D Software 3D model thickening tool 3d printing providers 3d printing tools online 3d printed products shapeways To that end, they’ve created a suite of tools to make design and... View the entire article via our website.

Shapeways Offers New Product Embed Code Widget For Shop Owners

If you’re a 3D print designer, artist, or shop owner who uses Shapeways, you’ll be delighted to know the company has just created a way to connect with your customers that you’re sure to... View the entire article via our website. 3D Design 3D Printing Business 3d model embed 3d printing businesses 3d printing marketplace shapeways Shapeways 3d printng product shops Shapeways product embed code widget

New Shapeways classes on Skillshare

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In the past we’ve worked with our friends over at Skillshare to create videos that show you the ins and outs of 3D modeling. Today we’re excited to announce the launch of another series of videos that anyone can use to learn about running a small business on Shapeways.

Shapeways Rolls Out Frosted Extreme Detail 3D Printing Material

Shapeways just announced their newest material, Frosted Extreme Detail, and it’s essentially the same resin–and uses the same printer–as their Frosted Ultra Detail (FUD) but features detail nearly twice as fine as FUD. 3D Printers 3D Printing 3D Printing Materials 3d printing materials 3d printing resins Frosted Extreme Detail Frosted Ultra Detail multi-jet modeling shapeways shapeways materials

Print Like a Pro: 4 Things to Know When Uploading to Shapeways

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When you print something on Shapeways, we want to keep things as simple for you as possible. This little guy is an.STL file, which Shapeways supports, and is clocked in at a petite 3.9 Some customers try to print a model that is too small and intricate for us to print.