The Week in 3D Printing: Mile-High Prints, Wii-Inspired Innovation, a Material Stronger Than Steel, and Methane Plastic

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You can read the (science-rich) full story at , but in short: Funded by a grant from the NSF, Montana State University researchers are exploring using the methane-producing microbes in Yellowstone National Park to produce plastics.

How TheLaserGirls Create Faux-Steel Swords

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At this point in the project, we were unsure about what materials we were planning to print in, so we decided to test on the top three we were considering: ProJet 7000 SLA (laser sintered liquid): A glossy polypropylene-like ivory plastic (Printed via the LaGuardia Studio ).

Machine Tool Distributor Inks Partnership with Industrial 3D Printing Company to Meet Customer Demand

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Hartwig will now offer manufacturing companies the full range of EOS additive manufacturing machines for metal and plastics. EOS and Hartwig Inc. partnership brings full-line distribution of additive manufacturing equipment possible. Novi, Mich.

Methane from Yellowstone Park: a new 3D printing material?


Researchers at Montana State University (MSU) are investigating an unlikely source for new 3D printer material: the methane-producing microbes in Yellowstone National Park.