2014 New York Maker Faire Wrap-up: Our Favorite Moments!


Maker Faire New York ended on Sunday, September 21, topping off one of the biggest 3D printing and design events of 2014. The i.materialise outreach team joined over 85,000 attendees to connect with makers from around New York and across the world!

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This edition of our 3D printing news digest Sliced asks the following questions: How is 3D printing being used in post cancer surgery for dogs? How are rats and 3D bioprinting being used to repair damaged human diaphragms? How is 3D printing changing automotive design? All this and more from Dassault Systèmes, atum3D, The American Institute of […].

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3D Printing News Briefs: July 7, 2017


Happy July! We’ve got a lot of news for you today in this week’s only edition of 3D Printing News Briefs, covering everything from 3D printers and hackathons to business and politics, so. View the entire article via our website.

How to Fix NYC’s Subway Signal Woes

Shapeways Blog

Subway service in New York City keeps getting less reliable. According to MTA statistics cited by the New York Times , overcrowding is the most common reason on weekdays, and the second most common is signal problems.

Plastic AM works of art at design shows

Rapid Prototyping News UK

The work we’re doing with Michael Eden is continuing to generate stunning works of art using our plastic Additive Manufacturing process, and some are being displayed at design shows at the moment.

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Key 3D printing industry insights offered by Additive Manufacturing Research (AMR)

3D Printing Industry

New York based Additive Manufacturing Research (AMR) are now offering analytical insights into the top 3D printing industries on a consultancy basis. Industry Insights 3D Printing additive manufacturing research AMR forecasting insights medicine metals plasticsIndustries currently within.

How One Company is Defeating Obesity with 3D Printing-Based Bariatric Procedures


BioSculpture Technology, a company led by New York Downtown Hospitals and the Presbyterian New York affiliated plastic surgeon Robert Cucin, recently revealed that the 3D printing technology has. View the entire article via our website. 3D Scanning 3D Software Medical 3D Printing 3d printing and surgery 3d printing in surgery 3d scanning bariatric surgery BioSculpture Technology Liposuction surgery

MIT Students Take Innovative New Product from Dorm Room to Market in Record Time

The Solidworks Blog

Hatching an idea for a new product is just the first of many arduous steps for startups. SOLIDWORKS Plastics would tell us what size to make the gates and how to set up our parameters,” says Gregory. “An

Mattel Is Making a $300 3D Printing Toy Studio For Kids

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Mattel has created an awesome new toy for children that will allow them to 3D printer their own toys. Children would pour liquid plastic in molds, heat them up, and create their own plastic figurines.

ZMorph Introduces Multi-Material Mixing with New 3D Printing Toolhead Bundle

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Uniquely, this gives the ZMorph personal fabricator the ability to, not only 3D print objects from plastic, but chocolate, as well as capabilities for CNC engraving, laser cutting, 3D scanning, and more. Today, at World Maker Faire in New York, the Polish company upgraded their ZMorph 2.0S

Hod Lipson, 3D Printing, and the Fourth Industrial Revolution

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Imagine a world 10, 20, 30 years from now, where 3D printers aren’t just producing single plastic components, but are fabricating complete electronic devices. By Michael Molitch-Hou.

ORNL Welcomes New Entrepreneurial Research Fellows to Innovation Crossroads

Additive Manufacturing

DeRosa is a doctoral candidate in nanoscience at the State University of New York at Albany and chief technology officer of Eonix. We want to encourage advanced technology innovation that in turn spurs economic growth and new jobs in the United States.”.

Super-Thin Headphones Pop Eyes & Ears with Printed Electronics

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French design student Maxime Loiseau made a splash at the Diplorama+ exhibition at New York City’s Design Week back in May. With his headphones, plastics are welded instead of using junction parts, expensive injection molds are given up in favor of embossing, and circuits are actually printed instead of made with wires.… By Andrew Wheeler.

Canadians show off 3D printer for Nutella, and Other Materials

3D Printing Review

NEW YORK — While hundreds of thousands of people marched against climate change in New York City, across town, two young Canadian entrepreneurs displayed an invention they hope might put a little dent in the global carbon footprint.

HP Multi Jet Fusion

Wohlers Talk

The new technology uses HP thermal inkjet arrays to print fusing and detailing agents onto thin layers of thermoplastic powder. Left: HP senior vice president Stephen Nigro and USA Today reporter on October 29, 2014 in New York City.

Mattel’s New ThingMaker

Wohlers Talk

I did not own one, but a neighbor friend did, and we made many plastic worms and bugs with it. At the New York Toy Fair, Mattel announced that it is introducing a new ThingMaker that takes advantage of 3D printing.

This Little Bowl Makes a Big Impact

Shapeways Blog

Jeremy used Shapeways’ Porcelain and Strong and Flexible (Nylon) Plastic to prototype and fine-tune his design. ” “One of the rewards will be made by Shapeways right in New York!

3-D printing poised to shake up US manufacturing

Design 2 Part News

By Catherine Curan, New York Post. Three-dimensional printed products — like a woman’s dress — are made from ultrathin layers of plastic, metal or other materials, combined to create a 3-D object.

Custom Drone Shoots Nurf Disks at Day of Drones

Shapeways Blog

Built by designer Andy Shen of Shendrones , Andy demonstrated by knocking over stacks of plastic cups to the audiences enjoyment. Earlier this week I went to the Liberty Science Center to attend the Day of Drones, and got to see one of the coolest custom built drones ever.

Don’t Miss the Captivating Keynotes at SOLIDWORKS World 2019

The Solidworks Blog

Whether you’re looking to be creatively inspired by new technology from our 100+ partners, or seeking to advance your career by picking up new skills—or both—you’ll be glad you joined us at SOLIDWORKS World 2019.

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The New Face of Cosmetic Surgery

3D Systems

The New Face of Cosmetic Surgery Tuesday, October 20, 2015 - 11:39 In 2014, there were 5.8 Dr. Carrie Stern established MirrorMe3D to advance plastic surgery consultations and treatment plans beyond the standard 2D representation.

Worth Sharing: Manufacturing 3D Printed End-Use Parts with Normal


Here’s a video that proves otherwise: Normal is shipping out custom 3D printed earphones from their factory and store in New York.

Inside the lab where scientists are 3D-printing a real working trachea

3D Printing Review

Hidden away in a windowless section of the Feinstein Institute at North Shore-LIJ Hospital in Manhasset, New York, Todd Goldstein is working on replacing damaged sections of the trachea—the pipe of cartilage that connects the lungs to the throat. One is just for printing plastic.

You Can Now Buy Your Own Piece of Design History: The Lily.MGX Pushed 3D Printing from Prototyping to Design


To turn his idea into reality, Janne printed his design in Polyamide , a powder-based nylon plastic, which is 3D printed during a process known as Laser Sintering. In 2003, Finnish digital sculptor Janne Kyttanen presented a 3D print unlike any other to the audience of Milan Design Week.

Meet the Shapies: Kosta Tzioumis

Shapeways Blog

Get to know Kosta Tzioumis, a 3D printing engineer in New York, who works tirelessly to produce your Strong & Flexible plastic creations. Eco-friendly materials and recycled plastics.

From Earphones to Jet Engines, 3D Printing Takes Off

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At Normal, consumers can use a mobile app to photograph their ear, transmit the shots to the New York startup’s 3D printing facility and then receive customized earphones within 48 hours. 30 crores) from investors and opened her combined factory/store in New York City in August.

How I Created The Perfect Engagement Ring

Shapeways Blog

I liked his aesthetic, that he’s based in New York, and is super chill. After considering my design and the conversations I had the jeweler, I settled on a stone size based on looking at diamonds in New York City’s diamond district.

The Ocean Cleanup Project is a go!

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As the trash circulates, it eventually breaks down into small particlesespecially plastic. Fish then eat this plastic, and eventually, people end up eating some of these fish. The cover of the printed study is made of plastic recovered from the oceans. The new platform design.

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Wear This Print: How 3D Printing Is Disrupting Fashion Design

Shapeways Blog

On January 18 th , Adidas’s FUTURECRAFT 4D sneakers launched in the New York City area through retailers KITH, Packer, and SNS. See it being printed in the video below: Sylvia Heisel is a New York fashion designer who’s redefining fashion forward design.

How I Made the Ring That Made Her Say Yes

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I liked his aesthetic, that he’s based in New York, and is super chill. After considering my design and the conversations I had the jeweler, I settled on a stone size based on looking at diamonds in New York City’s diamond district.

CNBC Report: 3D Printing Patent “Gold Rush”

Law in the Making

My colleague, patent agent Matthew Powell , pointed me to a new article from CNBC ‘s Heesun Wee which sheds light on the flood of 3D printing-related patent applications being filed: From utilitarian processes to the final appearance of designed objects ranging from jewelry to spare machine parts, get ready for a patent land grab of 3-D intellectual property.

Brewery Creates 3Dp Solution to Save Marine Life

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The beer company and New York ad agency have banded together to create a plastic-free six-pack that feeds marine life, instead of choking or trapping them. Sick of seeing animals like this?

UConn using 3-D printer to reproduce parts for original saxophones, other antique instruments

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Researchers at the University of Connecticut are using medical technology to breathe new life into some antique musical instruments.

Artist Robert Lazzarini Discusses CubePro in the Arts

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Artist Robert Lazzarini Discusses CubePro in the Arts Tuesday, May 26, 2015 - 13:30 New York artist Robert Lazzarini has made a name for himself through his transformational sculpture work, taking common objects and pulling them through compound distortions to create a new type of viewing space.

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3D printing used to develop advanced nanoimaging microscope

Leslie's Blog

A radical departure from traditional laboratory instruments, the nSPEC® 3D was designed by renowned New York designers Mari Kussman and Francis Bitonti, who worked closely with the Nanotronics team to push the boundaries of both function and agility.

3D Printing for Fashion: Interview with Alexis Walsh

Shapeways Blog

Fashion Week may be wrapping up here in New York City, but that doesn’t mean that we’re finished exploring all the great work our fashion-driven community members are producing here at Shapeways.

Meet the Shapies: Shelley Park

Shapeways Blog

This time, get to know Shelley Park, a 3D printing engineer in New York who works tirelessly to fabricate your Frosted Ultra Detail Plastic creations. I can just print a pair and attach them just as new.