Warp Factor 9! - Printing the PP3DP (UP!) Bearing on My Repstrap


It would have taken about 2 hours 20mins to print in total, which is almost exactly twice as long as on the Up! All the bearings are clear and I think would have moved and worked if I could have printed it all. For me the balls started to print after layer 4.

PP3DP 52

The UP BOX Desktop 3D Printer


There’s been a rather exciting announcement from PP3DP: they’ve developed a new personal 3D printer, the UP BOX. PP3DP (the 3D printing brand marketed by China-based Tiertime) was one of the first vendors to provide personal 3D printing gear with the venerable “Up!”

PP3DP 60

Creative Licences and Displaying Models at Shows

Tales of a 3D Printer

We learn about Creative Commons in school but big 3D printing companies don''t seem to comprehend it. There have been a lot a cases of big 3D printing companies stealing a design from a small 3D designer. This issue was first discussed at 3DPI in October 2012 , when Dizingof first had his designs used without his consent by Tri-Tech 3D and PP3DP. With a click of the button, you can get a tag to print (see image below) to give credit where credit it do. (In

PP3DP 46

DIMENSIONEXT: Maplin 3D Printer Sales Figures & New 3DP Sales.


of 3D prints and printers. Maplin stock the Velleman K8200 3D Printer kit for £700 and recently added PP3DP s Up! These devices constituted the Edinburgh Stores aforementioned display, along with a host of 3D printed trinkets. Google Enter 3D Printing. Pages.

PP3DP 52

TCT2012 show report and Industry growing pains.


I dont normally do wider 3D printing industry news on this Blog as its a technical resource, but quite a few big things have happened over the last few weeks, that have made many people look in a slightly different light on the whole 3D printing industry.

Peel-able support?


In particular the UP printer from PP3DP is reputed to have easily removable support using only the same material it builds with, i.e. ABS. One of the few advantages commercial FFF machines have over Reprap at the moment is that breakaway support works much better.

PP3DP 60

Around the RepRap Community

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by PP3DP but with all the things to not like about an Up! This firmware can run a printer at up to 300mm/s, which really changes the quality of a print. So much has happened in the RepRap community since my last update. Hackerspaces and building RepRap can really suck the time out of you. Because there is so many awesome things going on in the community that are not documented in the RepRap wiki, this post is going to include lots of non wiki related material.