The Baby Toon – From Science Fair to Shark Tank

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Image is from ABC Shark Tank. Our client, The Baby Toon, was featured on the Season 11 Premiere of Shark Tank and was able to successfully secure a deal with Lori Greiner. It was super exciting to go through the whole Shark Tank process.

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The Baby Toon on Shark Tank Season 11 Premiere

3D Innovations

We are excited to share that our client, The Baby Toon , will be on the Season Premiere of the hit ABC show Shark Tank ! 3D Innovations was efficient, current with technology during the design and engineering process, and aware of staying within our financial budget.

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If Looks Could Protect: 3D Printed Collar Inspired by Shark Scales

3D Printing Industry

Inspired by the scales of a shark, POSEIDON is a high-collared capelette that connects 600 movable scales to create a piece that protects the wearer’s delicate throat, while making them look good in the process.… By Michael Molitch-Hou.

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When someone re-invents the wheel with some 3D printing help

DIY 3D Printing

From video description: A fascinating interview with David Patrick from Shark Wheels. David explains how the latest techniques in Rapid Prototyping helped him in the process of developing his unique product; Shark Wheels. Shark wheels homepage:

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3D Printing Really Does Change Manufacturing


An interview with David Patrick of Shark Wheel dramatically shows in how 3D printing has utterly changed manufacturing. Shark Wheel designs a very unique longboard wheel whose geometry “is a perfect cube and a perfect circle and a perfect sine wave.” Via YouTube and Shark Wheel.

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Osiris Biomed 3D Pitches Patient-Specific Medical Implants 3D Printed in Real-Time

3D Printing Industry

This Thursday, at The Hub in Philadelphia, US veterans will have an opportunity to fund their entrepreneurial dreams as a part of the Greater Philadelphia Veterans Network’s (GPVN) 2nd Annual Veteran Entrepreneur “Shark Tank” Business Pitch Event. By Michael Molitch-Hou.

Build a Startup in Your Hometown

3D Innovations

Our client, The Baby Toon , which is an innovative baby spoon designed with safety as the focus, was recently featured on the Season 11 Premiere of Shark Tank. If you have any questions about the product development process please send us an email at

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The Mimics Innovation Suite Is Helping Researchers Study Hagfish Slime!


A seal shark (a to c) and wreckfish (d to f) attempt to prey on the hagfish. The promising potential of the hagfish slime threads prompted researchers at the University of Guelph, Canada, and the University of California, Los Angeles, USA, to study the production process behind the substance.

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Investing a Desirable Future for Cities

3D Perspectives

The research teams at Dassault Systèmes use biomimicry as an innovation process to develop new approaches to urban planning through two problem-solving models: Physarum and Swarms. This article appeared in our 2018 annual report. Click here to read the full document.

6 Best Roomba Alternatives for a Spotless Home

3D Printing Hub

Established vacuum manufacturers like Bissel, Samsung, and Shark have introduced their own models, blending the latest tech with long-lasting traditions of cleaning excellence. SharkNinja Shark Ion 750. 3 SharkNinja Shark Ion 750.

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Recreating Classic Cars with CAD: Tucker Torpedo Project Update

The Solidworks Blog

The finishing touches will be the front fender, which is in the process of being fabricated and an original Tucker Radio for the dashboard. There’s still a lot of work to be done between now and then, and I think by the next blog that process should be about ready to happen.

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Modio: Design Articulated 3D Models


A recent Instructable takes you through the process of adding Modio “connectors” to new parts of your own design, like the shark head shown here. Printed figurines can be amazing, but what about making them move? You can do so with Modio.

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How to Make your Prototype a Winning Product

3D Perspectives

But developing the next revolutionary product line isn’t as simple as televisions shows like Shark Tank make it seem. By monitoring consumer feedback and competitor activities, CPG brand and contract manufacturers can remain agile as they execute the product development process.

DIMENSIONEXT: Google Enter 3D Printing


The results will included 3D Systems investing more R&D into multi-material, conductive and add/sub 3D printing processes. Pages. SECTOR NEWS. REPORTS. REVIEWS. SEARCH. PRINTEREST. ABOUT. Google Enter 3D Printing. Google Enter 3D Printing.

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Strong, Yet Light: Introducing Aluminum

Shapeways Blog

Using a process called selective laser melting (SLM), the material is directly melted and fused from a bed of metallic powder that results in a solid alloy. It is similar to the selective laser sintering (SLS) process we use to manufacture Strong and Flexible Plastic.

Inside 3D Printing in Santa Clara 2014 Recap


The two hour workshop that I gave was Reshaping Manufacturing: Understanding the 3D Printing Process. Exciting stuff (I can imagine) to be put in the ‘hot’ seat pitching to investors, Shark Tank style! Hello world, Christina writing.

75 Years of Batman

The Solidworks Blog

Not so much a single tool itself, but a very compact storage device for my of Batman’s other gadgets, most notably a fanfavorite being the infamous Shark Repellent from the 1966 Batman Movie!

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WESTEC 2015 Exhibitors Showcase New Manufacturing Technology

Additive Manufacturing

WESTEC is recognized as a platform for companies to introduce their latest and greatest manufacturing products and processes, and this year’s event will feature more than 250 products from 500 exhibitors.

UC San Diego Jacobs School of Engineering-These Microscopic Fish Are 3D – Printed To Do More Than Swim

Additive Manufacturing

Schematic illustration of the process of functionalizing the microfish. This process also does not require the use of harsh chemicals. Researchers demonstrate a novel method to build microscopic robots with complex shapes and functionalities. San Diego, Calif.,

What are Drone Flight Schools and Should I Enroll in One?

3D Printing Hub

To aid the learning process, flight schools use a combination of video lectures, reading materials, exercises, interactive quizzes, and knowledge tests. DARTDrones is one of the most famous drone flight schools today due to a successful pitch in “Shark Tank” where Mark Cuban invested $300,000 to the company for 10% equity. Drone technology has seen an exceptional rise in popularity in recent years, both as recreational and professional devices.

Drone Privacy and Security Issue Solutions

3D Printing Hub

In October 2018, a rescue operation for a shark bite victim in San Diego, California was hampered by the presence of a drone near the landing area of a medical response helicopter. In fact, the Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC) has challenged the FAA several times in the past few years over the FAA’s failure to consider privacy in the rulemaking process for the drone industry.

Amherst researchers use 3D printed teeth to study evolution of earliest mammals


Tooth-like structures can be found in vertebrates throughout the history of the world, and the ancestors of sharks and related fish species might even be the first to develop them from rough shapes on the jaw that could grind down food.

3D printed fish fossil uncovers clues about the evolution of human teeth


It is believed that the ancestors of sharks and related fish species were among the first to develop denture-like structures in their mouths, presumably rough sandpaper-like shapes on the jaw (not individual teeth) that could grind down food.