3D Printing at University of Utah: Bioinspired Materials Managed with Ultrasound Directed Self-Assembly


In the recently published ‘Manufacturing bioinspired flexible materials using ultrasound directed self-assembly and 3D printing,’ researchers from the University of Utah are exploring a new process. 3D Printing 3D Printing Materials Bioinspired Materials nickel-coated carbon fibers (NCCFs) Ultrasound Directed Self-Assembly University of Utah

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ADAPT Gets DoD Funding for Mountain West Advanced Manufacturer's Network, to Help Industry and Government with 3D Printing Processes


We talk about the Alliance for the Development of Additive Processing Technologies (ADAPT) a lot here at 3DPrint.com. Together with the University of Utah, the Colorado-based research consortium, View the entire article via our website.

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America Makes Announces Project Call Awardees

Additive Manufacturing

Led by GE, in collaboration with EWI, Raytheon, and Youngstown State University, this project will develop and demonstrate a process methodology of feature-based build qualifications (FBQs) using a directed energy deposition (DED) process.

Stratasys Expands Its 3D Printing Gamut with Two New Material Advances: FDM Carbon Fiber-Filled Nylon Capable of Replacing Metal, and Extra-Flexible, Tear Resistant PolyJet Family

Additive Manufacturing

FDM Nylon 12CF beta customer Utah Trikes is taking advantage of the material’s properties throughout its development and production process to make significant cuts to its product development times. SUP706 Tim Schniepp Utah Trikes Zehavit Reisin

LPW Technology and 3DSIM Adding Intelligence into the AM Process at formnext Hall 3.1 Stand H18

Additive Manufacturing

LPW Technology Ltd , the market leader in the development, processing and supply of high quality metal powders for the AM industry and 3DSIM , the AM software innovation company with easy-to-use tools to predict how to build successful parts, will stand share at Hall 3.1



IKOS: 3D Printed ‘Lego’ IKOS: 3D Printed ‘Lego’ Three students from the City Park High School, Utah, U.S.A. Pages. SECTOR NEWS. REPORTS. REVIEWS. SEARCH. PRINTEREST. ABOUT.

Turner MedTech’s Filament To Put SLS Quality On Your Desktop?

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The company states no less than: “The filaments can eliminate traditional prototyping processes such as laser sintering of metal materials by providing an easy and much more accessible alternative that developers can accomplish with common and inexpensive desktop 3D printers.”.

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Sigma Labs and 3DSIM Sign Technology Development Agreement for Metal AM

Additive Manufacturing

3DSIM, based in Park City, Utah, is a provider of simulation software for enhanced metal powder bed fusion AM. 3DSIM is a software company that provides products and services initially focused on the simulation of Additive Manufacturing processes. SANTA FE, N.M.

Concept Laser, Honeywell Aerospace, and PADT Build Largest Academic Additive Manufacturing Center in Southwest at Arizona State University

Additive Manufacturing

Founded by Frank Herzog in 2000, the patented LaserCUSING® process – powder-bed-based laser melting of metals – opens up new freedom to configuring components and also permits the tool-free, economic fabrication of highly complex parts in fairly small batch sizes.

Forget about the cool factor – 3D printing saves time and money

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The idea of iterative design – the cyclic process of prototyping, testing, analyzing, and refining a product – existed long before additive manufacturing, but was never so efficient or approachable as it is with 3D printing technology.

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Additive manufacturing turns design efficiency on its head

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Welding doesn’t come any easier either with concerns about heat affected zones (HAZ), part porosity, internal stresses, and required post-processing. Traditional approaches to design will need to be re-imagined as additive manufacturing becomes more and more a part of the typical process for producing world class products where maximizing cost, quality, and time-to-market is paramount. Design cost out by increasing part complexity.

SOLIDWORKS Distributed Data Management

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With the release of SOLIDWORKS Manage the SOLIDWORKS Distributed Data Management process solution is becoming a reality for a long time SOLIDWORKS customer ENVE Composites. Now the company is adopting SOLIDWORKS Manage to help streamline its processes and manufacturing data.

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Full-Color 3D Printing Changes Landscape of Geographic Surveillance

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Canadian-based MineBridge Software’s new process creates 3D-printable topography maps by first creating surfaces from survey data using their flagship software package, Muck3D. After adding a base and preparing the model, it was on to 3D printing at Whiteclouds, a 3D printing service provider in Ogden, Utah.

Metals Fabrication Firm Uses Engineering Ingenuity to Bring Home a Silver Medal

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Janson Pace was determined to use SOLIDWORKS software to develop a better, faster sled and in the process help his wife achieve her Olympic dream. “We

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Shape Up The Way You Search With EXALEAD OnePart by Jeff Gherardi

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There is much more to Data Management than Revision Control, Change Processes, and Collaboration, it is also about organizing and finding your data. Many of our GoEngineer customers already know me; I’ve been helping you with your Data Management issues for years.

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Machine Tool Distributor Inks Partnership with Industrial 3D Printing Company to Meet Customer Demand

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Built on a foundation of fairness, after-sales support, and hard work, the company has grown to more than 170 employees covering eight office locations in 14 states including Colorado, Idaho, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas, Utah, and Wyoming.

Calling in Sick

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In reality, samples are sent to a lab where they are cultured—which can involve growing bacteria or viruses for six to 24 hours—or undergo polymerase chain reaction (PCR), a complex process that takes about six hours. The entire process, from sample to answer, can take just five to 10 minutes.

Prefabrication Productivity for AEC

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Offsite construction also requires that owners, architects and contractors rethink the conventional processes that have been industry standards for decades. By Vicki Speed.

Emerging Objects 3D prints Utah Teapot Set out of instant tea


While many of the most exciting developments in 3D printing are actual 3D printed objects themselves, it’s amazing to see just how much the digital fabrication process is capable of just by simply changing a material type.

ITAMCO Receives Grant from Department of Defense / Small Business Innovation Research Program

Additive Manufacturing

In addition, Professor Zavattieri had printed concept wheels with additive manufacturing for NASA’s new Mars rover concept vehicle in a test run at the Mars Desert Research Station in Utah. Hoosier Racing Tire: Advising in design, material selection, manufacturing process development.

Mission to the Moon: Stratasys Joins Forces with Lockheed Martin and PADT to Engineer Advanced 3D Printed Parts for NASA’s Orion Mission

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The Lockheed Martin, Stratasys and PADT-engineered collaboration is differentiated by an ability to create consistency and repeatability in mass scale across the entire additive manufacturing part production process.

Engineers develop process to 3D print cells to produce tendon and ligament tissue


A team of University of Utah biomedical engineers have developed a method to 3D print cells to produce human tissue such as ligaments and tendons using a modified 3D printer and stem cells harvested from fat tissue.

SME, Stratasys Announce Winners of FANUC-Inspired SkillsUSA Additive Manufacturing Competition

Additive Manufacturing

Through SkillsUSA’s championships program and curricula, employers have long ensured schools are teaching relevant technical skills, and with SkillsUSA’s new redentialing process, they can now assess how ready potential employees are for the job.

PADT and Stratasys Announce First-of-its-Kind Additive Manufacturing Lab in Colorado, Located at Metropolitan State University of Denver

Additive Manufacturing

With over 80 employees, PADT services customers from its headquarters at the Arizona State University Research Park in Tempe, Arizona, and from offices in Torrance, California, Littleton, Colorado, Albuquerque, New Mexico, and Murray, Utah, as well as through staff members located around the country.

ASTM-Dr. Brent Stucker of 3DSIM Joins ASTM International Board of Directors

Additive Manufacturing

chief executive officer and a co-founder of 3DSIM LLC, a company focused on commercializing algorithms for predictive modeling of additive manufacturing (3D printing) processes, has been named a director on the ASTM board. He held faculty positions at Utah State University and the University of Rhode Island, and was a visiting professor and Fulbright scholar at the VTT Technical Research Center of Finland before joining the University of Louisville in 2010. CONSHOHOCKEN, Pa.,

Drone Privacy and Security Issue Solutions

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One of the worst cases of voyeurism by drones happened in 2016 in Orem, Utah. In fact, the Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC) has challenged the FAA several times in the past few years over the FAA’s failure to consider privacy in the rulemaking process for the drone industry. In early 2018, Eric Buenz and his family were having a peaceful stroll in the beach of Adele Island in Abel Tasman National Park, New Zealand.

What Could be done about China’s Theft of Intellectual Property

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former Ambassador to China, Governor of the state of Utah, and Deputy U.S. ” Limitations in trade agreements− there are also significant problems in the WTO process that have made it impossible to obtain effective resolutions. Strengthen the International Trade Commission’s 337 process to sequester goods containing stolen IP. CFIUS) process. By Michele Nash-Hoff, Saving U.S. Manufacturing.

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New 3DyourSCAN service 3D prints patient-specific surgical models in less than 24 hrs


The service uses a “Hinge & Slice” modeling process. The company owns a massive full-color 3D printing lab in Ogden, Utah, and has explored business opportunities in 3D printed maps, 3D printed toys, and now 3D printed medical aids for physicians.

How Gossamer built Teal, the worlds fastest production drone with help of 3D printing


It’s really an astounding machine to see in action, even more so when you find out it was actually developed by the 18-year-old Utah-based developer George Matus. Drone enthusiasts are obviously eagerly awaiting the release of this very customizable drone, with shipping expected to start at the end of the year, but we are more intrigued by the Teal’s development process.