Town History in 3D: Vermont Students 3D Print Historical Buildings for High School Challenge

3D printing has raised the bar for many processes — and that includes the world of competition — especially for students. Coordinating a truly comprehensive statewide high school competition, several Vermont entities have obvious... View the entire article via our website. 3D Design 3D Printing 3d design competition 3d print history 3d printing contest challenge geogr google high school sketchup vermont

A3DM Technologies and GPA Innova Advancing Post-Processing of Metal 3D Printed Parts with Unique Process

Vermont-based A3DM Technologies, which has long contributed to multiple commercial 3D printing production processes, and GPA Innova, founded in 2015 in Barcelona, recently entered into a. 3D Printing Metal 3D Printing 3d printing metal powder A3DM agreement collaboration Dlyte electropolishing GPA Innova metal alloys for 3D printing post processing 3d printed parts research and development surface finish

Integrating 3D Printing into K-8th Grade at CHUSD


3D Printed Vermont Architecture and History. Several students from Cacciatore’s district recently participated in the 3D Vermont Architecture and History Olympiad. It was a great project for them to exercise multiple skills that are necessary for their success after graduation,” explains Cacciatore, adding, “it’s also very motivating for students to see the results of their hard work: the 3D models will be placed on a Vermont map and will tour around the state.”.

Students and Teachers Enjoy 3D Printing at BVS


Rod Batschelet is the Technology Specialist at Benson Village School in Vermont. Then we go through the printing process,” explains Batschelet. I’ve taught a number of art workshops, including airbrush painting, which is a process I use to paint my 3D prints. In his role, Batschelet instructs teachers how to integrate new technology, such as 3D printing, into the classroom.

Holiday Planning Tips: #1 Communicate Material Cutoff Dates with Customers

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By not communicating this with your customers, a layer of frustration is added to the process, especially for those who wait to order at the last minute. Doing so will increase the overall efficiency of your design process and will make sure you can accurately communicate with your customer. For example, if you’re sending your 3D products off to places like Buffalo, New York or Vermont in the U.S.,

Non-Profit Design that Matters Prints 3D Models that Communicate Across Cultures

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During our visit in Haiti, we were lucky to be hosted by Dr. Jack Long and Dr. Delight Wing; pediatricians who spend half the year working in Haiti with Partners in Health, and the other half in Vermont. The ability to move so quickly from thought to from completely revolutionizes Design that Matters’ process designing for people with different customs and cultures.

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MakerBot: The Oregon Pint Runneth Over

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Scaling up quickly can uncover pain points in manufacturing, and North Drinkware needed to invent some processes as they went. Eventually, they plan to offer glasses with a signature landmark in other states, including Washington, Vermont, California and Colorado. By Nicole Caputo, MakerBot Stories.