Tour an (Unbuilt) Dream Home: 3D Visualization in Architecture and Interior Design

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New Ways to Simulate Space. Apple’s new ARKit framework, released in June, gives developers new tools to create apps that use augmented reality, which will undoubtedly find uses in real estate, architecture, and interior design.

Toronto doctor using 3D printer to solve the problems of space travel

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The station is a “space analogue facility” operated by the Mars Society and designed to simulate the rigours of an eventual mission to the real red planet. The ISS is kind of the hottest real estate — in terms of habitable space — that we know of.

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AR and VR Technology Enhancing Medical Practices and Education

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However, for the last few years, the healthcare, retail, and real estate sectors have shown a keen interest in the AR and VR technology and are incorporating it in their solutions and services.

How to Prevent Injection Molding Air Traps with SOLIDWORKS Plastics

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Using SOLIDWORKS Plastics simulation functionality, defects such as air traps can be detected during the design process. Easy to use simulation setup and post processing tools indicated the exact location of the air bubbles/air traps in the part. .

Beyond BIM Symposium 2020 – A Vision for the Future

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Mattia Santi , Mattia Santi is an architect and computational designer with experience in Architecture, Computational Design and Real Estate. #BeyondBIM2020 aims to showcase examples and provoke discussion on how to improve collaboration across the design and construction community.

How to Avoid Sink Marks with SOLIDWORKS Plastics

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Using SOLIDWORKS Plastics simulation software, designers and engineers can detect mold part defects such as sinks marks well before the part is manufactured, reducing expense mold rework. This can be done easily with SOLIDWORKS Plastics simulation Post processing tools.

Investing a Desirable Future for Cities

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Jaipur has adopted the 3D EXPERIENCE platform to connect all administrators in a single digital repository in order to plan, analyze, simulate and optimize services and infrastructure to provide residents with a better citizen experience and improve their quality of life.

All about CAD: What is it and who created it?

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It is used extensively in the manufacturing, real estate, automotive, oil and gas, shipbuilding, healthcare, and aerospace industries. Motion Simulation and Photorealistic Rendering. What is CAD? CAD stands for Computer-Aided-Design.

Plantscrapers and Robotic Bees: Is This the Future of Food?

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Meanwhile, the idea of creating hybrid buildings that are part farm, part living/office space helps to overcome the economic and commercial viability challenges of using prime urban real estate exclusively for crop production. These autonomous microbots have wings and use sensors (inspired by the antennae of real bees) that allow each RoboBee to sense and respond to their environment. You didn’t think you’d be eating cheese sandwiches and steak forever did you?

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12 Best Uses of Drones

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From real estate to mining, drones are capturing the attention of every industry. Surveying rivers, checking erosion and water flow simulation for rivers. People who have used these drones will know how easily some operations can be carried out with the help of these brilliant machines. Drone technology is being embraced and trialed by governments, big businesses, and even freelancing photographers.

5 Best 34-Inch Monitors of 2019

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They also offer a more immersive gaming experience – especially those that come with a curved screen – and are great for racing games, flight simulators, action RPGs, and first-person shooters.

What are Drone Flight Schools and Should I Enroll in One?

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Discussions on this topic will cover the legal factors you need to consider, how drones can be used to market real estate, the liability of drone business owners, and how you can successfully run a part-time or full-time drone business. Aside from the Master and Doctorate programs, UVU also offers a remote pilot training that costs $3500, and includes an online ground school module, PC simulator module, and in-person flight training.