UAE Looks to the Stars As It Launches Mars Science City Project, Complete with Labs and 3D Printed Museum Walls

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French Foundry 3D Prints Sand Casting Models in Hours Instead of Weeks With Stratasys

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VHM Fonderie uses Stratasys 3D printing to produce master models that are used to create molds for sand casting. Formerly known as Heinrich Fonderie, VHM Fonderie specializes in the production of industrial iron castings using a traditional sand casting process.

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3D Printing News Briefs: February 20, 2018

We’ve got a lot of business news to catch you up on in today’s 3D Printing News Briefs, starting with an acquisition and a new agreement. 3D printing software provider Beamler has. View the entire article via our website.

Linear Vs Nonlinear Finite Element Analysis Explained

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The truth is, if you know SOLIDWORKS, you already have the background to take advantage of simulation capabilities, and using Linear vs Nonlinear analyses. SOLIDWORKS Simulation Nonlinear Displacement Plot Time Steps. SOLIDWORKS Simulation SOLIDWORKS Nonlinear Simulation White Paper

VHM Fonderie Employs Stratasys 3D Printing Across Various Production Processes to Speed up Customer Turnaround Times and Improve Capacity

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French foundry and machining company sees lead times cut from up to five weeks to a few hours when producing master models for sand casting molds. VHM Fonderie uses 3D printing to produce ‘master models’ that are then used to create sand molds (Photo: Business Wire). “To

U.S. Senator Udall Advances Funding for Construction at NM Military Bases, NM Veterans

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Kirtland Air Force Base Combat Rescue Helicopter Simulator – $7.3 million to build a facility to house a HH-60W flight simulator, which is necessary to train combat rescue helicopter personnel. Senator Tom Udall White Sands Missile Range

SOLIDWORKS World Partner Pavilion Preview Part III

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Here are four companies you can meet in person and talk 3D Printing, CAM, Security, and Simulation. BobCAD-CAM is a standalone CAD-CAM product that allows you to design 2D and 3D CAD models, create 2-5 axis toolpath, simulate, and output g-code.

World Cities Summit Hosts Government Leaders & Innovators Solving City Planning Challenges

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City planners can also use the data to simulate “what if” scenarios before making real changes to infrastructure. The 2016 World Cities Summit is set to take place July 10-14 at the Sands Expo & Convention Centre in Marina Bay Sands, Singapore.

Taking Your Product to the Finishing Line


The SL pieces were sanded to ensure an even surface and provide the desired surface smoothness for the application. The part was smoothed by sanding and given a cosmetic clear top coat for a clean surface. Additive manufacturing can make materials come to life in a single print.

GE-19 Tech Stories From 2015 You Should Know About

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This is also the idea behind the “ digital twin ” – cloud-based simulations of physical assets – which will soon encompass and start optimizing everything from wind turbines, power plants, jet engines and even the human body. By Dec 26, 2015 by Tomas Kellner | GE Reports.

3D Academy: RobotX STEM Expo Exhibitor (Dec. 11-12, 2018)

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The emphasis of VPerch is to introduce students to the engineering design process through the virtual design (3D CAD) process where they can design and simulate (virtually test) their UROV design and analyze the results before building the physical system.

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How to improve Aesthetic and Mechanical Properties of FDM 3D Printed Parts

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Sanding. Plastic parts made with FDM can be sanded by hand or with orbital sanders to remove the stair-stepping effect that is inherent to the process. Hand Sanding and Orbital Sanding FDM parts. Sand blasting a PC-ISO part.

Keep On (Monster) Truckin’: Speeding Towards the Finish Line

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The wheels have been painted, the body has been hard coated and sanded umpteenth times, the decals have been laid out, the LEDs have been tested, the chassis has been fitted, and the last week of work arrived. I must have sanded them off.”). Rob, Albert, and Sal in the mini-Max-D.

Master and Expand Your SOLIDWORKS Skills with LIVE Design series

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April 13 – “Designing a Desk with Weldments with Mike Sande.” offers complete 3D software tools that let you create, simulate, publish, and manage your data.

Where Stereolithography and PolyJet Applications Overlap


SL is best known for economically printing large models used in film and medical applications, such as the Maternal Fetal Simulator model used to unveil the latest in birthing simulation from CAE.

Ford Opens $45M Advanced Manufacturing Center

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The Advanced Manufacturing Center contains 23 3D printing machines, and Ford is working with 10 3D manufacturing companies to develop applications with a range of different materials, from nylon powder to sand to carbon. By Jeff Reinke, ThomasNet.

SOLIDWORKS is Helping Build the World’s Fastest Steam Locomotive: Part 2

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Completed driver core boxes, built to make forms out of compact sand, ready to leave the pattern shop. Sand forms prevent molten steel from filling the hollow areas inside the cast steel wheel. Once the steel driver was cast, the sand cores were removed by a process known as shakedown.

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How to eliminate 3D printing post processing steps

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What if you could eliminate CNC machine, sanding, silicone engraving, and text printing on parts with one system? Newly designed, state-of-the-art print heads mean simulated production plastics, like Digital ABS, can be printed in half the time of other Stratasys PolyJet systems.

Stratasys J750 3D Printer Changing Product Development

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Lead times at Synergy cut by 90% and costs by 70%; post processing of CNC machining and water printing, casting, sanding and silicone engraving as well as printing of additional parts has been eliminated.

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Check out the Concept to Consumer Tour Coming to a City Near You This Summer

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So there I was in Los Angeles for SOLIDWORKS World 2018, minding my own business walking between the hotel and convention center when all of a sudden Mike Sande comes zipping by me on this sleek electric scooter.

Prototyping large tanks for space industry with 3d printing by RedEye

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It would require testing many assembly configurations and producing several simulators and prototypes to validate design changes. Before building the actual fuel tanks for final use, Lockheed would need to test form, fit and function and assembly with tank simulators.

Sandstone Filament: Properties, How to Use Them, and Best Brands

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Prints made from sandstone filaments simulate the look of sandstone or ceramic, depending on how they are printed and finished. Like real stone carvings, sandstone prints can be sanded to achieve a smooth and consistent finish.

All The 3D Print That’s Fit to Pitt: New Additive Technology Center Opens Near Steel Town

Additive Manufacturing

Additive allows you to grow something from the ground up from a bed of metal powder, sand or other material. Cipolla and her team will help them optimize the design and simulate what actual production would look like. The sand mold gets stronger as it ages.

How 3D CAD is revolutionising UK crop farming

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Plough anything from fine sand to heavy clay and solid stones. Claydon Drills used SOLIDWORKS to create sophisticated computer models of their design, enabling them to load-test the machinery and simulate breakpoints. Ever wondered how 3D CAD software is applied in the real world?

CATI Tech Notes: NASA Leverages Stratasys 3D Printing for Space.

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Simulation. NASA astronauts and engineers are test-driving a rover over rocks and sand, up and down hills in an environment that simulates the brutal conditions of Mars. CATI Tech Notes. Archives. Subscribe. CATI Search. Subscribe to CATI TechLink Newsletter. Recent Comments.

3D Printing Helps CSI360 in Fight against Heart Disease

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Their orbital atherectomy system (OAS) safely reduces arterial calcium with sanding and centrifugal force, enabling safe and effective stent deployment. This allows engineers to simulate how a device will perform in a particular case. The average heart pumps 100,000 times a day and rarely gets a break. When the heart breaks down, so does our body. That’s why it’s important as ever that we know the right methods and have the right tools to treat the heart when it fails.

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SOLIDWORKS is Helping Build the World’s Fastest Steam Locomotive: Part 2

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Completed driver core boxes, built to make forms out of compact sand, ready to leave the pattern shop. Sand forms prevent molten steel from filling the hollow areas inside the cast steel wheel. Once the steel driver was cast, the sand cores were removed by a process known as shakedown.

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Best RC Construction Vehicles

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I’d say it’s underpowered for shifting too much sand or dirt in one go. Best feature 2: High simulated hydraulic pole. Users love the firm and functional simulation hydraulic pole and strong arm. High simulated hydraulic pole. Best feature 2: Simulation dumping.

World Cities Summit 2018:  creating future-ready cities

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Virtual Singapore is packed with tons of data ranging from energy consumption metrics to census numbers , allowing city stakeholders to make informed decisions based on advanced simulations.

Find the Right Technology for Your Application


Plastics used with SL provide easily sanded surfaces and are ideal for post-process finishing. Smooth surfaces can be achieved through post-processing such as hand sanding and bead blasting, but FDM cannot match the feature details of PolyJet and SL.

Concept to Consumer Tour Will Break Down Lifecycle of URB-E Project

The Solidworks Blog

Author information Mike Sande Territory Technical Manager at SOLIDWORKS Michael is a graduate of Montana State University where he focused in finite element analysis and simulation MEMS manufacturing in his quest for his BSME.

The Evolution of Online Shopping

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Author information Mike Sande Territory Technical Manager at SOLIDWORKS Michael is a graduate of Montana State University where he focused in finite element analysis and simulation MEMS manufacturing in his quest for his BSME. The Evolution of Online Shopping.

NASA Lays the Groundwork for Homesteading in Space

Additive Manufacturing

An early prototype of such a machine is proving effective in building small structures on Earth out of sand. The next step is to make bricks and walls with simulated Mars regolith that has the same characteristics as real Martian dirt. By NASA.

Keep On (Monster) Truckin’: Detailing the Max-D

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Min-Max-D’s face, simulation vs reality. The body of the mini-Max-D has angles and curve to it, and instead of cutting and sanding pre-made Styrofoam cones into submission, the team has flexible foam “spikes” ready to be placed wherever they need to go.

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The Ride of Matt Schmotzer’s Life: The Invertigo Roller Coaster

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I never actually thought about doing it virtually through SOLIDWORKS [simulation]. I know it’s possible, but I’ve never actually played with simulations in SOLIDWORKS. You just have to make sure the 3D printed part rains are finely sanded.”.

What Makes 3D Printing a Natural for Preserving Historic Artifacts

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What’s most impressive about this initial print (which did not yet attempt to simulate transparent/translucent effects) is how little adjustment was needed in the workflow from 3D scanning to 3D printing.

GE-Come Dust, Ice, Hail Stone and High-G Force: What it Takes for the LEAP Jet Engine to Prove its Mettle

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The sand storms in the Gobi Desert in Central Asia are some of the most frightening events nature can cook up, sending giant tan clouds of fine dust as far as Beijing. By Tomas Kellner, June 14, 2015.

7 Best RC Off-Road Jeeps of 2019

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The model has a simulated interior and detailed exterior touches like the shovel under the driver’s door. It drives quite well over most outdoor terrains including grass, mud, sand, and small rocks. Read this guide if you’re overwhelmed by all the choices of RC Jeeps on sale.

CRP Group and Krone Golf Combine Additive and Subtractive Manufacturing Techniques to Create the World’s Most Advanced Golf Driver

Additive Manufacturing

The body has 4 Helicoil® M4 inserts at the end to fasten the weight.The KD-1 face (the striking surface of the head of the club) is made in Ti6AI4V : it has been CNC machined from solid and sand blasted to clean external surfaces by CRP Meccanica; the hosel was also produced in Titanium as well.

Cheap RC Cars Under $50

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The car also has several simulations (sounds/lights) that add to the experience. Best feature 1: Multiple simulations (sounds, lights). Light & sound simulations. That includes surfaces like small rocks, sand, and mud, etc.

UAEs $137M Mars Science City will simulate life on Mars & contain a 3D printed space museum


The United Arab Emirates will attempt to build a city that simulates living on Mars. million square feet, and will contain a space museum with walls 3D printed using sand from the desert. The $137 million Mars Science City will span 1.9 3D Printing Application

Are You Ready for an All-Plastic Automotive Engine?

Design 2 Part News

But as the OEM uses injection molding instead of sand casting metal, or even die casting metal, they’re rapidly learning the benefits of making something out of plastic. By Mark Shortt, Design-2-Part Magazine.

Suck it and see


I sanded the surface flat with 240, 600, 800, 1200 and 1800 grade wet-and-dry sandpaper and then polished it with metal polish. And here is me simulating removing the object by sliding the film.

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