Stratasys Direct Expands Healthcare 3D Printing Services

Stratasys Direct Manufacturing announced the opening of a dedicated healthcare print center at its recently inaugurated PolyJet Design and Print Center in Eden Prairie, Minnesota.

Stratasys Acquires All Remaining Shares of Xaar 3D Ltd

As part of a joint investment with digital inkjet technology developer Xaar plc (LON: XAR), polymer AM solutions leader Stratasys (Nasdaq: SSYS) acquired 15% of the shares in Xaar 3D.


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AM Investment Strategies Profile: Stratasys

Stratasys CEO Yoav Zief will be taking part in the SmarTech Stifel AM Investment Strategies event on September 9th. We’re incredibly proud that we’ve got a set of very exciting. View the entire article via our website.

AMFG Joins Stratasys GrabCAD® Software Partner Program

Manufactur3D Mag

AMFG joined the Stratasys GrabCAD® Software Partner Program to work towards integrating its software with GrabCAD software and. GLOBAL NEWS AMFG GrabCAD GrabCAD® Software Partner Program MES Software Stratasys

3D Printing Financials: Stratasys Posts Third Quarter of Sustained Revenue Growth in a Row

Stratasys (Nasdaq: SSYS) shares opened with a sharp high after the company reported its third consecutive quarterly revenue growth on August 5, 2021.

US Military’s 3D Printing Cybersecurity to Be Improved with Stratasys ProtectAM Platform

3D Printing Military 3D Printing 3d print tooling 3D printed end use parts cybersecurity data security defense Fortus 450mc FDM 3D printer government military ProtectAM redhat stratasys Stratasys F370 3D printer Stratasys F770 weapons

Stratasys Opens Doors with New ProtectAM System


Stratasys announced a new data security platform called ProtectAM. The post Stratasys Opens Doors with New ProtectAM System appeared on Fabbaloo. news software cybersecurity government linux military security server stratasys

PolyJet 3D Printing Center Opened by Stratasys Direct Manufacturing

Stratasys Direct Manufacturing has announced the opening of the PolyJet Design and Print Center at its location in Eden Prairie, Minn. 3D Printing polyjet PolyJet Design and Print Center PolyJet Design Center stratasys Stratasys Direct Manufacturing

Stratasys’s New Opaque Colors Make for Extremely Realistic PolyJet 3D Printing

Earlier this year, Stratasys (Nasdaq: SSYS) surprised the AM industry by introducing a new PolyJet 3D printer—the J850 Pro—that, while a more affordable option, offered no color, which is very.

3D Printing Financials: Stratasys Regains Momentum with 3D Printing Sales Increase

3D Printers 3D Printing Business 3D dental printers 3d printing acquisition 3d printing earnings airbus financials Q1 results stratasys stratasys 3d printers stratasys acquisition stratasys dental stratasys earnings stratasys financial results

Get to Know the Stratasys Elastico Rubber 3D Printing Material

Javelin Tech Tips

In 2021, Stratasys introduced Elastico a new rubber-like flexible 3d printing material to the PolyJet platform in two different colours. Elastico comes in both black and clear and is prominently featured on both the Stratasys J55 Prime and the Stratasys J35 Pro 3D printers.

Stratasys Acquires Xaar: SAF 3D Printing To Expand?


More moves in the corporate acquisition space this week: Stratasys acquired Xaar. The post Stratasys Acquires Xaar: SAF 3D Printing To Expand? corporate news acquisition inkjet printhead saf stratasys xaar

French Hospitals to Perform Medical 3D Printing On-Demand with Stratasys

Stratasys signed a deal with French med-tech startup Bone 3D to provide 3D printing technology to local hospitals. This cooperation is part of Bone 3D’s HospiFactory initiative, equipping healthcare. View the entire article via our website.

Stratasys Introduces ProtectAM – A New Cybersecurity Solution for Additive Manufacturing

Manufactur3D Mag

Stratasys announced the introduction of ProtectAM - a new cybersecurity solution for additive manufacturing. SOFTWARE TECH NEWS Cybersecurity cybersecurity solution for additive manufacturing ProtectAM security solution Stratasys

Stratasys Receives $20Million Navy Contract for Printers, Materials and Support

Manufactur3D Mag

Navy has issued Stratasys a $20 million contract to purchase up to 25 Stratasys F900 FDM 3D printers including materials and support. APPLICATION DEFENCE 3D printers Defence F900 FDM 3D printer Stratasys U.S. The U.S.

Stratasys Announces First Carbon Fiber 3D Printing Filament for F123

Stratasys has introduced a new carbon fiber material for fused deposition modeling (FDM). 3D Printing 3D Printing Materials 3d print carbon fiber carbon fiber carbon fiber 3D printing carbon fiber reinforced 3d printing materials fdm FFF stratasys Stratasys F123 series thermoplastic

Off to the Races: Stratasys and Team Penske Renew 3D Printing Motorsports Partnership

Back in 2017, 3D printing leader Stratasys and Team Penske—a top INDYCAR, NASCAR , and IMSA SportsCar racing team—formed a multi-year technical partnership in order to give all of the.

Stratasys Acquires all shares of Xaar 3D to Accelerate Adoption of SAF™ Technology

Manufactur3D Mag

Stratasys Ltd. GLOBAL NEWS Acquisition H Series™ Production Platform SAF™ technology Stratasys Stratasys H350 3D printer Xaar 3Dacquired all shares of Xaar 3D Ltd. to accelerate the adoption of H Series™ Production Platform or the SAF™ technology.

Bone 3D’s Hospifactory Could be a Massive Boost to Stratasys


An initiative in France has partnered with Stratasys on a potentially massive 3D printing network. The post Bone 3D’s Hospifactory Could be a Massive Boost to Stratasys appeared on Fabbaloo. news usage bone 3d healthcare hospifactory stratasys surgical

Alstom 3D Prints Tram Parts with Stratasys Technology

Stratasys has become an increasingly important player in an increasingly important segment: 3D printed spares for transportation. 3D Printing Sustainability Transportation Algeria Alstom maintenance rail railway repairs replacement parts spare parts stratasys train trains virtual inventory

Stratasys Direct Now Offers Anatomical 3D Printing


Stratasys Direct announced new anatomical consulting and 3D printing services. The post Stratasys Direct Now Offers Anatomical 3D Printing appeared on Fabbaloo. news service anatomical full color stratasys stratasys direct

Stratasys Introduces Full-Color, Office-Friendly J55 PolyJet 3D Printer

It was only a few months ago that Stratasys introduced its latest PolyJet system, the J826, at 3DEXPERIENCE World 2020. This week, it’s unveiling the new J55 3D printer, which. The post. View the entire article via our website.

Stratasys Reveals Three New Systems with Three Different 3D Printing Technologies for End-Use Parts

Last month, Stratasys (NASDAQ: SSYS) announced that it was releasing its new H Series Production Platform line of printers, based on powder bed fusion (PBF) technology, or, more specifically, its.

Stratasys Launches Compact, Multimaterial J5 DentaJet for Dental 3D Printing

According to estimates by Stratasys (NASDAQ: SSYS), the addressable segment for 3D printed dental applications is roughly $1 billion, and the “Additive Manufacturing in Dentistry 2021” View the entire article via our website.

Stratasys Releases J5 MediJet 3D Printer for Medical Applications

Stratasys is continuing with its application-specific technology strategy, a plan that Executive Editor Joris Peels has been enthusiastic about, while also warning about the potential drawbacks for.

Stratasys Lowers Barrier to Entry of Multi-Material 3D Printing with J35 Pro

Stratasys (NASDAQ: SSYS) has been extensively building out its PolyJet line, delivering a series of new 3D printers for just about every vertical you can imagine.

Stratasys Announces New Materials and Software Services At RAPID + TCT 2021

As the RAPID + TCT 2021 event kicks off at McCormick Place in Chicago for its 30th year, pioneering 3D printing manufacturer Stratasys announced new innovative material offerings, an expanded.

Stratasys Announces New Powder Bed Fusion 3D Printing Tech, SAF

In January, Stratasys (NASDAQ: SSYS) completed its acquisition of resin-based Programmable PhotoPolymerization (P3) technology startup Origin, before introducing its new color-free PolyJet J850 Pro.

DyeMansion and Stratasys Partner to deliver Industrial AM Architecture for End-Use Parts

Manufactur3D Mag

Stratasys and DyeMansion have partnered to create the first reference AM architecture based on Stratasys H350 3D printer platform. 3D PRINTING NEWS GLOBAL NEWS AM Architecture DyeMansion PA11 polymer Partnership SAF technology Stratasys Stratasys H350 3D printer

Conjoined Twins Separated with Help of Stratasys 3D Printed Models and VR

3D Printing 3D Software Featured Stories Medical 3D Printing 3d medical models 3d model for surgery 3d printed anatomical models 3d printed models 3d printing healthcare conjoined twins israel stratasys virtual reality and 3D printing

Stratasys Expands Their Technology Offering and Why You Should Care

Modern Tech

If you have kept your ear to the ground on the 3D printing front, you were bound to have heard the rumblings that Stratasys was planning to launch several new technologies this year. 3D Printing Stratasys Industry News

Hexagon & Stratasys Announce Partnership to Integrate Digimat Software with ULTEM 9805

One of the world’s most prominent intelligent manufacturing software firms, Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence, has announced a new partnership with Stratasys, an industry leader in producing 3D.

Senior Aerospace BWT Installs Stratasys 3D Printers for Aircraft Interior Parts

Stratasys technology has been used in the past for 3D printed aerospace applications, and now UK company Senior Aerospace BWT has invested in the company by installing two of its.

Stratasys PolyJet Used for Direct-to-Textile 3D Printed Clothing

As a longtime industry leader in 3D printing, Stratasys is usually associated with quality technology, accompanied by forward-thinking users bringing us a wide range of complex projects.

Stratasys Lays off 10 Percent of Workers

Stratasys, the marketplace leader in industrial fused deposition modeling technology, has announced that it is laying off 10 percent of its workers worldwide.

Stratasys Announces New J850 Pro

Modern Tech

The new Stratasys J850 Pro PolyJet 3D printer is the latest machine variation in their popular and expanding J-series. 3D Printing Stratasys PolyJet TechnologyWhat makes this entry unique is that it has been designed specifically to verify concepts quickly and cheaply through its efficient workflow with a wide range of materials (which the series is known for) but not to print realistic color.

3D Printing Financials: Stratasys Revenues Up in Q4, Shares Up 156% Since Q3 Earnings

Pioneering 3D printing solutions provider Stratasys (Nasdaq: SSYS) announced better than expected fourth quarter (Q4) and full-year 2020 financial results.

Airbus Wants Stratasys to Make More 3D Printed Parts for Its Planes

Through a collaboration with Stratasys, the pioneering. Since it was first introduced in 2013, the Airbus‘ A350 XWB (extra wide body) passenger airliner has incorporated 3D printed parts. View the entire article via our website.

US Navy Issues $20M to Stratasys to Purchase Large-Format 3D Printers

Featured Stories Maritime 3D Printing Military 3D Printing F900 Marine 3D printing maritime 3D printing Naval 3D printing navy stratasys united states navy us navyThe U.S. Navy has been steadily increasing its investment into practical 3D printer usage, as opposed to research.

Stratasys Introduces New PolyJet J850 Pro 3D Printer—With No Color!

Stratasys PolyJet systems have always had brilliant colors and been the tools of choice for many seeking prototypes. Now, with the Stratasys J850 Pro, the company is entering new territory.

Stratasys Expands GrabCAD Software Partner Program to Add New Global Customers

Manufactur3D Mag

Stratasys Ltd. SOFTWARE TECH NEWS GrabCAD GrabCAD Software Partner Program Software Stratasys Teton Simulationexpands its GrabCAD® Software Partner Program to six companies in its first six months with the addition of Teton Simulation.

Boeing Qualifies Stratasys Antero 800NA Material for 3D-Printed Flight Parts

Additive Manufacturing

October 29, 2020 — ( BUSINESS WIRE ) — Boeing (NYSE: BA) has qualified the Antero 800NA thermoplastic to its repertoire of 3D printing capabilities, Stratasys Ltd. Antero 800NA is a PEKK-based polymer developed specifically for production-grade Stratasys FDM ® 3D printers.

Stratasys (SSYS) Buys Origin: Interview with Chris Prucha & Analysis

Today, Stratasys (SSYS) announced that it is acquiring Origin. 3D Printing Business Featured Stories acquisitions Digital Light Processing Inverted Stereolithography Origin sla stratasys