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Formnext 2019

Wohlers Talk

Last week’s Formnext in Frankfurt, Germany was outstanding. Nearly 35,000 people attended, up more than 28% from last year. Four large exhibition halls were nearly filled with 852 exhibitors, an increase of 35% over 2018.

(6+3) Dofs Kinematically Redundant Parallel Mechanism

DIY 3D Printing

Very interesting mechanism :-) More info: [link]. kinetic sculpture


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AdventHealth Nicholson Center establishes medical additive manufacturing lab

3D Printing Industry

AdventHealth Nicholson Center, a Florida-based medical training facility, has launched its Prototype Lab to enable the development of medical devices using additive manufacturing technology.

Product Development Basics for Hardware Entrepreneurs

3D Innovations

In this post we are going over the product development basics for our friends thinking of launching their dream in the new year. As one year ends and another begins, it’s time for many to look ahead to the possibilities of what a brand new year can bring.

3D Medical Applications

Held in Baltimore, Maryland, this event will bring together thought leaders, experts, engineers, doctors, researchers, and regulators in the many medical methods for 3D technology.The 3D Medical Applications conference is the most comprehensive, game-changing, meeting of minds for the future of 3D in healthcare.

Defining Your Own Sense of Fulfillment in Engineering

The Solidworks Blog

As we near the end of the year 2019, I find myself reflecting on my favorite pieces of wisdom captured during this calendar year.

Experimental 3D Printing of a Transformer by GreatScott!

DIY 3D Printing


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SOLIDWORKS 2020 Offset Surface now much easier to use!

Javelin Tech Tips

Remember that time you tried to offset faces as new surfaces, only to receive an error message that it failed? This can be frustrating, especially when many faces are involved and it is unclear which ones are the culprit.

How to get SOLIDWORKS Certified- CSWA Level

Modern Tech

Expanding your SOLIDWORKS knowledge to optimize your skills and your resume can be a daunting task when looking at the many certification types.

Bead Sprite 3D Printer

DIY 3D Printing

I think this ingenious machine qualifies as 3d Printer :-). 3d printed toys delta 3d printer multi color new diy 3d printer

DSM partners with six software start-ups to develop additive manufacturing workflow platform

3D Printing Industry

Global science-based company and material producer DSM recently presented a digital platform for additive manufacturing at Formnext 2019.

Transform data into personalized experiences: CES 2020

3D Perspectives

Smart is expected to be the buzzword at the 2020 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) , with innovations premiering in areas from household appliances to personal mobility. Smart technologies may be what get announced at CES, but that’s not why Dassault Systèmes participates.

Data 52

Optimizing Workstation Performance for SOLIDWORKS

The Solidworks Blog

NASA Crawler Transporter model* from the SPECapc for SOLIDWORKS 2019 benchmark.

WASP Structures for Growing Food

DIY 3D Printing

food plant wasp

Food 100

Siemens seeks validation for 3D printed burners key to 100% renewable energy for Gothenburg

3D Printing Industry

Award-winning industrial manufacturing company Siemens is in the process of validating 3D printed burners key to a fossil-free fuel initiative in Sweden.

SOLIDWORKS PDM Engineering Change Request made easy with Javelin ECR Module

Javelin Tech Tips

Over the years, many customers have asked us to help them manage their engineering changes requests (ECR) and automate their workflows. This means a lot of different things depending on who you talk with. But typically, It is a very linear process that affects many different departments.

Making a Difference…with electric car subscriptions

3D Perspectives

I think if you want to change the world you have to think radically differently. Stefan Krause. Stefan Krause has always loved cars. He turned his passion into a career at BMW and became a collector of classic cars.

New 3D Printing Tech by Herr Sanladerer

DIY 3D Printing

6 axis new diy 3d printer

Texas fossil museum preserves pre-dinosaur mammal skeleton with 3D scanning

3D Printing Industry

The Dimetrodon, an apex predator that roamed the earth over 250 million years ago, long before dinosaurs ever did, has been digitally preserved at the Texas Through Time museum in Hillsboro, Texas thanks to 3D scanning technology from NVision.

Texas 52

Get Answers to the most pressing Simulation Questions

Javelin Tech Tips

Get answers to your most popular product design simulation questions to boost your confidence and productivity with integrated simulation tools. There’s no doubt about it: Simulation has come a long way since its inception. For decades, analysis was the exclusive domain of expert analysts.

SOLIDWORKS Drawing Templates [UPDATED]

Modern Tech

The set of standards used for drawing and dimensioning your parts in SOLIDWORKS is known as the Drawing Template, similar to Part and Assembly templates. SOLIDWORKS drawings consist of two distinct layers, the sheet and sheet format. These both make up the drawing template.

UMaine 3D Prints a Full Sized Boat

DIY 3D Printing

large printer ship university

Community fights to release Bust of Nefertiti 3D model licensed by Berlin’s Neus Museum

3D Printing Industry

Historical artifacts have been made accessible worldwide thanks to 3D scanning and additive manufacturing. Initiatives such as Scan the World, and the Google Arts and Culture‘s Open Heritage project seek to digitally preserve cultural landmarks which can then be replicated using 3D printing.

“Insuring” strong customer relationships

3D Perspectives

When buying a new car, you also purchase insurance coverage. The same applies when you move into a new home. And when it comes to visiting the doctor, you’re using health insurance. In the case of an accident, insurance can be invaluable.

The Cloud-Security Tradeoff for Product Innovation and Engineering Software (guest post)

Tech Clarity

Is trading off security to enjoy the benefits of the cloud worth it? Is the cloud-security tradeoff necessary? Why are some manufacturers still uneasy about adopting cloud software for product innovation and engineering? There are clear benefits, but the transition started slowly.

Soft Multimaterial 3D Printed Robots

DIY 3D Printing

More information: [link]. 3d printed robot multi materials

Carpenter Technology accelerates additive manufacturing technologies with new Emerging Technology Center

3D Printing Industry

Carpenter Technology, a metal alloy manufacturer based in Pennsylvania, has established a new additive manufacturing facility known as the Emerging Technology Center (ETC), in Athens, Alabama.

In the Nick of Time: 3D Print Your Holiday Presents


The Holiday Season is upon us! Have you thought about giving your loved ones a 3D-printed present this year? 3D printing will certainly make your gift(s) stick out among your friends and family at Christmas.

New ways of specifying the Up Axis for View Orientation in SOLIDWORKS 2020

Javelin Tech Tips

For years now, SOLIDWORKS has included many useful tools in the View Orientation window. Now in SOLIDWORKS 2020 , we can use that same window to specify whether to use Y or use Z for the Up Axis. This will redefine all of the standard views (Top, Front, Right, Isometric, etc.).

How To Reinforce your 3D Prints with Carbon Fiber and Epoxy by Brauns CNC

DIY 3D Printing

3d printing with carbon fiber carbon fiber epoxy strength

How To 100

GE Healthcare selects Formlabs as anatomical model 3D printing partner in hospitals

3D Printing Industry

GE Healthcare, the medical equipment subsidiary of multinational conglomerate GE, and SLA and SLS 3D printer provider Formlabs have announced a collaboration aiming to make it easier for clinicians to 3D print patient-specific anatomical models from imaging data.

Things To Do Before or After 3DEXPERIENCE World 2020 in Nashville

The Solidworks Blog

Nashville, Tennessee is nicknamed Music City, USA. A lot of great music has come from Nashville for well over a Century. As such, visiting Nashville practically requires you to see and experience at least some of this music history for yourself. That’s not all you’ll find in Nashville, however.

SOLIDWORKS File Utilities replaces SOLIDWORKS Explorer

Javelin Tech Tips

SOLIDWORKS 2020 has retained critical functionality from SOLIDWORKS Explorer, and has discontinued the SOLIDWORKS Explorer application. SOLIDWORKS File Utilities Functions.

3D Printed Spherical Parallel Manipulator

DIY 3D Printing

cool things to 3d print

New 3D printing industry jobs and career moves: BigRep, nScrypt, Markforged, regenHU, XJet, Digital Alloys

3D Printing Industry

Whether you’re on the lookout for a job in the 3D printing industry, or seeking to hire an additive manufacturing expert, our 3D printing job board has a comprehensive list of positions within the industry today.

CAD Data Management (survey results)

Tech Clarity

How can smaller companies and design teams manage CAD data without taking away from their time to innovate and respond to customers?

PDM Cache Options and User Settings

Modern Tech

As a user of SOLIDWORKS PDM , the majority of the functionalities available to you are controlled by permissions set by the system administrator.